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SynthMaster v2.9.9 New Update Is Now Available

Synthmaster v2.9 New Update Released

KV331 Audio has released the version 2.9.9 update for their SynthMaster awarded software synthesizer, bringing major usability improvements and critical bug fixes as a free update for existing users.

“It’s almost 2 years since KV331 Audio last updated SynthMaster, and this small version increment from 2.9.8 to 2.9.9 might look insignificant. However, there have been massive changes under the hood since KV331 Audio has reengineered their internal framework towards their efforts for SynthMaster 3 development.” – KV331 Team

New Features:

  • New / Updated Skins with a larger layout: Satyatunes created a new Dark skin for SynthMaster, and updated the existing Tranquil Blue skin as well. Extended versions of the skins are provided as well, which include two tabs with pitch/mod wheels, piano keyboard, MIDI Modulation Sources, EZ knobs, and XY Pads. KV331 Audio states that putting those modulations sources right under the synth/fx modules would speed up the sound design workflow.
  • Realtime Visual Feedback for Modulation Sources and Targets: This one was a heavily requested feature from SynthMaster users. Now users can clearly see how modulation sources and targets are changing when they play a note. The animations are optional, they can be turned on or off.

Synthmaster 2.9 New Skin

  • Resize Skins Easily: Skins can now be resized by dragging the triangle arrows at the bottom right corner of the plugin user interface (as in SM1). Each skin comes with the following sizes: 100%, 120%, 140%, 160%, 180% and 200%.
  • Better Support for Microtuning: SynthMaster 2.9.9 comes with 300+ scales ranging from 5 note to 12 note, in equal or alternate temperaments. The root note of the scale can be set globally.
  • MIDI Learn for discrete controls: MIDI learn now works for all controls, including discrete controls and modulation matrix controls.
  • Dynamic Effect Allocation: Insert effects can now be instantiated multiple times on multiple insert FX slots. As a comparison, prior versions of SynthMaster only allowed a fixed number of effects per instance (1 Delay, 1 Chorus, and 1 Reverb for instance).
  • New Modulation Sources: Each layer in SynthMaster now has 4 ADSR envelopes, 4 Multisegment envelopes, 4 LFOs, 4 Sequencers, 4 Keyscalers, and 2 2D Envelopes.
    • Glide/Step LFOs in prior versions are now loaded as Sequencers.
    • For LFOs and Sequencers, triggering can be set to Global, Single, Poly, and Random.
    • Sequencers have up to 16 steps with individual initial/final levels and slopes.
    • In dual-mode, 2 separate sequences can be created and morphed using the Crossfade parameter.

Synthmaster 2.99 New Update GUI

  • Preset Browser Improvements
    • Instrument categories are now listed based on Native Instruments NKS standards. Favorite presets can be added/removed easily by clicking on the star icon next to the preset name.
    • Users can upload their presets to the Public User Library that’s hosted on the cloud
      8.3. Users can download presets from the Public User Library by clicking on the Online button.

Synthmaster 2.99 Import WAV Samples

  • Waveform/Sample Import Improvements: SynthMaster now differentiates between waveforms, wavetables, or samples in a much better way, and imports them correctly. If it detects samples that are part of a multisample or drumkit, the sfz multisample definition is created automatically.
  • QWERT Keyboard Input: SynthMaster now supports MIDI input by pressing keys on the computer QWERT keyboard. This allows the user to play notes or record arp steps without having a MIDI controller. Left/Right arrows are used to change the octave while Up/Right arrows are reserved for changing the current preset.
  • MPE Mode: SynthMaster now conforms to MPE standard much better: Each preset now has a MIDI Channel parameter, which can be set globally as well. When MIDI Channel is set to “MPE” mode, MIDI Channel 1 is used as the Global channel as per the standard. Mono presets in SynthMaster behave correctly (they play polyphonic since MPE sends MIDI in multiple channels).

Bug Fixes:

  • User presets don’t show up when user names contain non-ASCII characters on Windows.
  • Samples or waveforms under the user documents folder’s subfolders are not read when the subfolder nest level is greater than 1.
  • SynthMaster might crash when MSEG segment lengths are very short and envelope length is close to zero.
  • In the “Mono” trigger node, LFO/Sequencer envelopes don’t receive the Note Off message when the mono gate changes the state from On to Off.
  • When a sample is playing at high speeds (phase increment > loop length), SynthMaster crashes.
  • When mseg envelope length is zero, SynthMaster might crash.
  • SynthMaster doesn’t validate control value changes for loop start/end parameters.
  • SynthMaster might crash when the user clicks on the “Forgot Serial Number” button during activation.
  • LFO/Sequencer phase/position is not reset correctly in Mono+Legato mode.
  • SynthMaster should deallocate memory for resources (waveforms, wavetables, samples) that are not used anymore.
  • SynthMaster might crash when oscillator waveforms/samples are changed when a note is playing.
  • SynthMaster doesn’t change the oscillator waveform/wavetable/sample when a note is playing.
  • SynthMaster doesn’t change filter type when a note is playing.

SynthMaster can be bought directly from ProducerSpot (official distributor) and it’s available for Windows and MAC in VST, AU Audio Units, RTAS plugin format. Check the SynthMaster Bundle, which is a great choice for ultimate music production.

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