Synth Explorer Transcendent 2000

Loopmasters is proud to presents Synth Explorer Transcendent 2000, a great collection of sounds recorded from the legendary Transcendent 2000 synthesizer created back in 1978.

Powertran Transcendent 2000 synthesizer specs: 37 keys, Polyphony / Monophonic, 1 VCO Oscillators,  Saw / Square / Pulse Waveforms, 1 LFO to modulate Pitch, Pulsewidth & Amplitude, Filter – Bandpass and Lowpass modes with Attack and Decay Envelope, ADSR, Effects like Portamento & White Noise, and many more.

In detail this sample pack includes 537Mb with 632 Wav files: 465 Single Hit sounds including 184 VCF Drum Hits (16 Hats, 31 Kicks, 33 Percs, 29 Snares, 18 Toms, 39 FX and 18 Noise Percussion), 105 FX Hits samples, 33 Bass Hits, 29 Synth Hits and 19 Lead Hits. Then we have 167 Loops including 63 Sequenced Loops, 41 Drum Loops, 33 Music Loops, 15 Bass Loops, 10 FX Loops and 5 Percussion Loops. In addition to the Loops and Hits, 8 Multi-Sampled Instruments are provided so you can play this classic synth for yourself. 104 Sampler Patches are also provided, available in the specific format for next soft samplers such as NNXT, Halion, Sfz, Kontakt and Esx24 formats.

Synth Explorer Transcendent 2000 sound library is available at priced at €20.78 / $22.89. This sample pack is great for any electronic music styles from Techno, Breakbeat, Ambient, Hip Hop, House, Chill Out, Electronica, to Trip Hop.

More Details: Synth Explorer Transcendent 2000

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