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Synister FREE Synthesizer Plugin by TU-Berlin

Synister FREE Synthesizer Plugin

A group of 9 students from TU-Berlin (Technische Universität Berlin) has released Synister, a free open source synthesizer plugin available in VST, AU format for Windows and MAC based DAWs.

The user interface looks pretty clean and is divided into 6 sections: Oscillators, Envelopes, LFOs, Filters, FX and Step Sequencers.

Synister features 3 oscillators with ADSR envelopes that can be modulated in various ways. For each OSC you can modify the volume, pan, coarse tuning, width, fine or waveform shaping. You can modify modulation parameters using external MIDI modulation like Aftertouch, Foot controller, Velocity, LFOs .etc.

The Envelopes section includes 3 Envelopes modules from you can change the shape and modulate the speed. In the LFOs section we find 3 LFO modules from where we can change the fade-in time, there is also a sync mode. Filter section features 2 filters with four modes per filter (LPF, HPF, BPF and Ladder) and below, the FX section includes 4 useful effects such as Delay, Bitcrusher, Clipper and Chorus. The sequencer from Synister can be used to generate some random sequences and is quite fun to use.

Let’s recap the main features:

  • 3 oscillators with ADSR envelopes
  • 2 filters (Ladder/BP/HP/LP)
  • Useful FX section (delay, chorus/flanger, lofi & clip)
  • A step sequencer
  • It is fully Open Source
  • VST and AU Support

Synister virtual synthesizer can be downloaded for free in 32-bit & 64-bit VST, AU plugin format for Windows & Mac and also as a standalone application.

More Details: Synister

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