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Symphony Series – String Ensemble by Native Instruments

Symphony Series – String Ensemble

Native Instruments releases Symphony Series – String Ensemble, a new Kontakt sample library from their Symphony Seriesfeaturing 60-piece string orchestra ensemble recorded at the best quality possible for music, film, gaming, and commercial scoring productions.

This sample library was recorded in Budapest in a large orchestral studio with high ceilings (> 30 feet) and a beautiful controlled wet ambient sound. All instruments was recorded in exceptional detail, in collaboration with Audiobro, one of the best software string instrument developer.

For maximum realism and versatility, a comprehensive list of long and short articulations, including sordinos, trills, staccatos and octave runs, were recorded in exceptional detail with separate half sections to ensure True Divisi.

Symphony Series – String Ensemble was developed especially to be used alongside with KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series. You can control all parameters directly from your controller, fast and easy. You can use the Touch Strips to directly control the deep and multi-sampled dynamics. Articulation types are color coded, reflected on the KKS hardware.

The graphic interface is simple and elegant, focusing on usability and provides maximum production speed.


  • Full 60-piece string orchestra in unparalleled sound quality
  • 5 NKIs, up to 10 articulations per instrument, 4 microphone mixes
  • Up to 4-part Auto Divisi per instrument, plus polyphonic legato and portamento
  • Simple, intuitive interface for fast, inspired scoring
  • 34.2 GB (about 44 GB of uncompressed)

Symphony Series – String Ensemble is part of the Symphony Series and requires the latest version of KONTAKT 5 or the free KONTAKT 5 Player.

This sample library is available at the Native Instruments Online Shop for $499 / € 499.

More Details: Symphony Series – String Ensemble

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