Sylenth PresetsZenhiser comes with Sylenth Deep Tech Presets, a new collection of deep techno, house presets and patches for Lennar Digital Sylenth synthesizer. This pack includes 150 original presets: deep subby basslines, chunky sequences, mind altering synths and twisted fx. All this are perfect for any producer who need more inspiration and material for new hits.

A whole chunk of studio time has gone into making this preset pack for Sylenth and as long as you have the synth this will inject new life into your tracks. ‘Sylenth Deep Tech Presets’ is brimming with cutting edge, though provoking sounds which innovate Sylenth’s capability to new realms.

Sylenth Deep Tech Presets Content:

  • 30 Bass Presets
  • 20 FX Presets
  • 25 Keys Presets
  • 20 Pad Presets
  • 31 Sequence Presets
  • 31 Synth Presets

Genres: Synth Presets, Tech House, Deep House, House and Techno

Price: £ 19.95

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