Superbooth 16: Factory Synthesizer Plugin by Sugar Bytes


by Sugar Bytes

Factory by Sugar Bytes

Sugar Bytes announces at Superbooth 16, Factory – their next poly software synthesizer featuring Sugar Bytes’ latest analog synthesis technology, a dual oscillator engine with a sub oscillator and a noise generator. Also, the synth will include multiple filter modes, a trio of assignable effects units, a built in sequencer, an arpeggiator, and a global A/B morphing slider which will allow the use to morph between two modulation matrix states.

Even if it has not yet been presented a final version, Factory synth looks great and sounds promising.

Factory soft synth is expected to be available in this summer (2016) – no price details at the moment.

UPDATE: Factory Synth Plugin is now available!

Buy Link: Factory

Sugar Bytes is well known for its popular plug-ins such as WOW2, Obscurium, Cyclop, Egoist and more others.

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