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Superbooth 16: Three New Modules by Bastl Instruments

Dynamo, Tromsø and Hendrikson

by Bastl Instruments

Dynamo, Tromsø and Hendrikson

Bastl Instruments intros at Superbooth 16 three fresh new modules: Dynamo, Tromsø and Hendrikson produced and handmade in Brno, Czech republic.

These three modules are designed to be compact and to complement each other forming a unique modular musical instrument.

Dynamo is a dynamics analyser and fake thru­zero modulator. It combines an Envelope Follower and a comparator which, when combined with a full­wave rectifier output and Compressor CV curve generator, allows you to make a compressor from any VCA (think of tube or vactrol). The other trick of the Dynamo is a voltage controlled switch section which combines with the full­wave rectifier and comparator to allow you to create deep “fake thru­zero modulations” with anything you like!

Tromsø includes 3 modules: VCO, Comparator and Sample & Hold. Its internal normalisation allows you to instantly use it as voltage controllable analog downsampler (or sample rate reducer if you like). Tromsø module is inspired by Distortotron machine by Psybe made in 1994, which is arguably the first analog downsampler and bit distortion of its kind.

Hendrikson is a guitar/ instrument amplifier and an interface for external effects processors such as stomp boxes. A unique feature is the mix output which is a CV controllable crossfader between the signal that goes to the Output and signal that comes from the Input. This means that when used with external effects processor it gives CV control of one of the most important parameters ­ the Dry / Wet Mix.

Pricing and availability : all shipping early June 2016, prices excluding VAT:

  • Dynamo: ­ 5HP, dynamics & more, 109 Eur
  • Tromsø: ­ 5HP, analog downsampler & more, 109 Eur
  • Hendrikson: ­ 5HP, stomp box / instrument interface, 109 Eur
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