Sundog Scale Studio
FeelYourSound released a new version (v2.1) of their software Sundog Scale Studio.

Sundog is a specialized tool that helps electronic songwriters of any genre to develop new chord progressions, melodies, and even whole songs. The stand-alone software connects to all major DAWs via MIDI and is available for Windows and Mac OS X. With Sundog it’s possible to build the harmonic and melodic base of a song within minutes. Several MIDI export options can be used to get the note data into the DAW for further tweaking.

The basic workflow:

  1. Connect Sundog to your DAW via MIDI
  2. Choose a scale and a root note
  3. Sundog will show you a list of chords that can be used on this scale
  4. Create a chord progression by clicking and listening
  5. Use the internal step sequencer to create melodies or arpeggios on your chords and scale notes

This new version adds many new features, check the full new features and improvements list below.

New in 2.1:

  • Invert chords up/down with up/down arrows
  • Transpose chords one octave up/down with page up/down keys (Mac: Fn + up/down)
  • Move chord progression left/right (Ctrl/Cmd + L/R)
  • Insert/delete chord slots in chord progression
  • Windows: High-DPI display support
  • Set the user interface size in the settings (default: automatic detection)
  • Works for smaller displays as well now
  • Bug-fix: Click on Full Chords pad in old editor didn’t work any more
  • Click on timeline position to trigger playback
  • Always on top option
  • Lock chord progression to prevent accidental changes (press L in chords view)
  • Chord Mods: Create own voicings (open chords, inversions, add9 etc)
  • Create and collect own chords per song part (and trigger them with your keyboard)
  • Scroll left/right in editor with slider
  • Toggle bigger input editor (click on the arrow-icon or press T)

Sundog Sound Studio is available for 39 EUR / $45 and you can download it directly from FeelYourSound website. You can use this software with both Windows and MAC systems.

More Details: Sundog Sound Studio

Also see Sundog Scale Studio Quickstart Tutorial:





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