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STREAKULATOR Effect for Ableton Live by Audiomodern

STREAKULATOR Effect for Ableton Live

Audiomodern in collaboration with Ernesto Cecco D’Ortona (StrangeLines) has released STREAKULATOR, a midi-modulated audio effect designed for Ableton Live producers and sound designers.

Possibilities with STREAKULATOR are endless, you can create crazy sounds in no time. You can do sidechains, filtering, waveshaping, creating wobble and growl basses, synths from any audio source, robotic effects, and much more. Use STREAKULATOR with organic sounds, acoustic instruments, drum loops, synth phrases, and even vocals.

STREAKULATOR needs MIDI impulses to work, so you can add any notes in the “Midi to Streakulator” piano roll section to feed the main sequencer.


  • Perfect gating/triggering via midi: put any sound source in line, no matter its tempo.
  • Complete control over notes ADSR.
  • Clean modular UI, so you can tell anytime whether an effect is on/off.
  • Sound design and shaping capabilities.
  • Save and load custom banks of presets.
  • Fundamental chorus/flanger components to create your very own effects, aggressive or gentle as you need them.
  • Warp function: harmonic pitch shifting.
  • Ability to add more waves to the sound via “Midi to Streakulator”.
  • Fully automatable and midi-controllable.

Streakulator is available via the AudioModern website at an introductory price of €29 (€39 regular) and requires Ableton Live 9.5 & Max For Live 7.1 or higher.

For more details on how exactly works this plugin, please visit the link below. It will take you directly to the official product website where you can watch a video demo with Streakulator in action.

Audiomodern Shop

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