Stratum Software Synthesizer Released by Sonivox

Sonivox Stratum VST Synthesizer Plugin

Sonivox comes with Stratum a new virtual synthesizer on the market inspired by the 1980s music sound.

The new Stratum synthesizer plugin combines the super-saw sound, known from the classic Roland JP-8000, with an FM synthesis engine, consisting of four operators, noise generator and sub-oscillator.

Sonivox Stratum has an interesting concept because it contains almost two synthesizers in one plug-in.

First, there’s a super-SAW section that uses layered sawtooth waveforms to create the powerful and rave / trance-typical super-SAW sound.

But right below that, you’ll find four classic frequency modulation operators, as you would expect from FM synths. Both synth engines also have their own multimode filters.

Other features include a full four LFOs for proper movement in the sound, envelopes, arpeggiator, stepper and four effects (chorus, delay, phaser, reverb) including XY pads.

With this set of parameters classic rave / trance sounds should be as possible as FM-typical sounds, so e-pianos, cool pads, aggressive leads, etc.


  • Supersaw FM Synthesizer with Noise and Sub Oscillators
  • Individual arpeggiators for the Supersaw and FM synths
  • Dynamic Filters including Low-Pass Filters with Resonance, Vocal Formant and Tube Distortion
  • Unique XY Effects pad for additional bit crushing, dirty phasing, wah-wah and non-linear delay effects
  • Simple but powerful Modulation Matrix featuring 4 LFOs and an 8-step sequencer
  • Built in Reverb, Delay, Phaser, and Chorus effects

Sonivox Stratum is now available for a discounted $ 99 ($ 149 regular) and sounds like an interesting mix of two very different synthesis forms.

The instrument runs as an AU / VST / AAX instrument on Windows and Mac.

Buy at Pluginboutique: Sonivox Stratum

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Stratum Synth by SONiVOX

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