Stradipad Free – Free Strings VST Plugin by Acustica Audio

Free Strings VST PluginAcustica Audio in collaboration with Alessandro Boschi present the free version of Stradipad Swedish Strings VST plugin.

StradiPad is created to supply at demand for synthetic strings, synth pad and acoustical string instruments tracks processing. Normally you don’t need more than one instance of StradiPad in your track to obtain a finished sound which stays in the right place in the mix. Swedish Strings is a single preset which gives the full rich sound at your strings bringing your track at the famous ABBA sound.


  • Input Gain: The Input Gain control sets the level at the input of the plugin. The range is from -∞ dB to +6 dB.
  • Output Gain: The Output Gain control sets the level at the output of the plugin. The range is from -∞ dB to +6 dB.
  • Warmth: The Warmth control drives the input stage of the plugin changing the harmonic saturation by rising the input level without changing the output level.
  • VU Meters: Input and Output VU Meters display the levels at the input and output of the plugin.
  • Red Led: Red Led lights when clipping occours.

Download Stradipad Swedish Strings VST plugin for free here.
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