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Steinberg Cubasis 3 – New Mobile DAW For iOS

Steinberg Cubasis 3 iOS Mobile DAW

Steinberg closes the year with an important launch: the third version of Cubasis, its new Cubasis 3 DAW for iOS that has been rebuilt from scratch and offers several new features requested by users.

The main novelty is the presence of Cubasis now on the iPhone, functioning as a universal app and allowing session exchange between both devices. You can now start projects on the iPhone and continue on the iPad. As they say, the app has been optimized for good performance on small screens, with easy navigation and dedicated sections.

One of the newest features is the Grouping function. Grouping tracks brings advantages of the “big brother” Cubase to the iOS world. You can do this in the mixer and in the tracklist. Grouped tracks behave like a single one.

Cubasis 3 brings many more new features, such as as the new interface which allows new zoom modes. The height and width of channel strips on the mixer adapt to your preferences. The mixer can now also be displayed full-screen, level metering should improve the accuracy of your mixes. Different UI scaling presets are available for iPhone and iPad. In addition, some of the interfaces of the instruments have a new look for more precise operation. Individual parts in the arrangement now allow different colors.

You can create send and insert effects via Inter-App Audio or Audio Units. The internal effects are of course also suitable for this. Arranges the effects simply via taps and finger movements and inserts on pre- or post-fader. Cubasis 3 gives you 75 new effect presets. Automation is now also possible for AU effects. Editing MIDI now works even more precisely. The MIDI editor has been improved, as have the audio and automation editors.

Cubasis 3 is available right now from the Store App at a price of $ 49.99. Requires iOS 13 or higher. If you already own the old version when acquiring version 3, all plugins and internal purchases made within Cubasis are there too.

Find more information at Steinberg website.

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