STC-3 Free Spatial Expander VST Plugin

Raz Audio has released STC-3, a new free Spatial Expander VST plugin effect available for Windows music producers.

STC-3 allow you to control the stereo width of any stereo sound with the best precision. You can apply STC-3 to expand the stereo field on your synths or pads, sound effects or soundscapes. Also, can be used and vice versa to narrow a track to full mono.

STC-3 provides “natural” stereo results, it does not use any artificial methods of mono-to-stereo or even phasing effects or delays effects to achieve its sounding result.

You can use this plugin on a single channel or even as a “bus” processor for the final mix and mastering processing.

In terms of design and user interface, this plugin may not rise to the level of today’s commercial plugins, but it focuses on usability and ease of use – it does the job very well.

As all Raz Audio’s audio plugins, STC-3 is available for Windows only in VST 32-bit format (for 64-bit version – please contact Raz Audio by Email – via their website). For the near future, Raz Audio consider making new plugins that will also be available for MAC OS and other platforms.

Downloading their plugins is very easy, no registration, keys or passwords are needed, and best of all is Free!

STC-3 comes as a .dll file that can be directly copied into your “VST Plugins” folder. Also, a PDF Users Manual is available separately for download.

More Details: STC-3

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