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SpectrumAnalyzer + FREE Version Released by SIR Audio

SpectrumAnalyzer VST Plugin

SIR Audio has released SpectrumAnalyzer, a new state-of-the-art spectrum analyzer VST / AUaudio plugin designed to create a comprehensive spectral profile of the audio material.

SpectrumAnalyzer features the Fast Fourier Analysis (FFT) and analog-style (parallel band-pass IIR filter) engine, both of which can run simultaneously capable of achieving optimal time and frequency resolution.


It also features a VU meter with peak and RMS measurements, a stereo correlation meter and mid / side signal detection.

Another feature is the intelligent peak detector that can be used to automatically detect resonant frequency controls in the signal.

SpectrumAnalyzer can also display the frequencies of four tracks (four slots at a time) and send the audio signal to other instances.

This new plugin is available in VST, AU, AAX plug-in formats for Windows and MAC hosted apps. The Analyzer plug-in is priced at $44 but it is also available in a free version, but with a few limitations.

For example, the bandpass analyzer provides a maximum of 4 bands/octave and 2 slots, while the full version gives you access to 32 bands/octave and 4 slots. Also, in the free version you are not allowed to export your presets.

Find more details about this new tool at the link listed below.

More Details: SpectrumAnalyzer

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