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Spectrum Sampler – Max for Live Device by Amazing Noises

Spectrum Sampler 1.0 Live Max
Spectrum Sampler – Max for Live Device by Amazing Noises

Amazing Noises and Maurizio Giri has released Spectrum Sampler, a Max for Live Device. It runs in Ableton Live, and it is compatible with Live 8 and 9 and Max 5 and 6.

Spectrum Sampler is a Max for Live device which samples and holds spectral components of the incoming signal. It can create inharmonic resonances, artifacts, dusty noises, drones, gliding sounds: a wide palette of amazing noises. Is compatible with both Mac and Windows (provided you have Ableton Live 8/9 and Max for Live installed on your computer).

Installation: Simply drag the .amxd file on your live browser, into the “Audio Effects/Max Audio Effect” folder.

The Spectrum Sampler is now part of the “Spectrum Effects” bundle available at Ableton.

Spectrum Effects v.2

Spectrum Effects bundle includes two radical spectral processing devices capable of a range of effects. Warp and mangle your audio into mayhem, or add subtle harmonic touches – you decide which. In the studio and at the gig, Spectrum Effects adds an instant dynamic catalyst to your Live set.

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