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Spark 2 Drum Machine Software Announced by Arturia

Spark 2 Drum Machine SoftwareArturia announces the availability of Spark 2. With a new design, new feel and new features, Spark 2 is a great drum machine software for both Mac and Windows users.

Spark 2 users can now add and subtract modules (including Oscillator, multimode Filter and Karplus-Strong Filter, Envelope, Lfo, MiniMixer, RingMod, and Bode Frequency Shifter); create their own patch routings, and assign up to six macro controls for immediate control.

Spark 2 also adds 50 new kits including 800 new instruments that span many more musical genres than ever before, including trap, hip-hop, tech house, and nu disco, to name but a few modern electronic music styles, as well as acoustic drum kits capable spanning modern rock, funk, R ’n’ B, pop, vintage rock, and latin percussion.

Arturia Spark 2

A new feature of Spark 2 is the REX file player that will allow you to import REX loops and drag & drop to pad to play in the mix. With REX file playback, Spark 2 opens up a world of live loop playback and DJing.

The Song mode has been updated to allow for song segments to be configured and then played back at the touch of a button. Now you can create song sections that will play from one pattern to another and then recall these sections, via the step buttons on your Spark or SparkLE controller.

Spark 2 Features:

  • New Graphics: tabbed pages, expanded pattern edit screen, new mixer
  • Extended REX Support: REX file playback per pad and manipulation of slices
  • Modular Drum Synth Editor: create new patches or edit existing patches
  • Create custom instrument macro controls modules: oscillators, filters, LFOs, mixers and more
  • Song Mode: new 16 song segments
  • Price: £137.79

Where to get it? Check the links below:

More Details: Spark 2 | Arturia Plugins

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