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Soundation Chrome Studio Online DAW by PowerFX

Soundation Chrome Studio

PowerFX Systems AB announced the availability of their Soundation Chrome Studio online DAW.

Soundation Studio is the most advanced online music making app that comes with 11 real time effects, 8 virtual instruments, automation, imports wav & midi files, recording and includes over 800 royalty free audio clips from the award winning PowerFX sound library. Soundation makes it possible for anyone with an internet connection to make digital music.

Soundation Chrome is the latest version Soundation online studio and is developed using Google Native Client for Chrome web browsers. This means a faster and more stable environment with lower latency and CPU usage and does not require Flash. Soundation Chrome has an entirely new audio engine and we made it as “backward compatible” as possible with the flash version of Soundation Studio so it looks and loads all your previously created songs.

“This is a great step in the development for the future of making music online. With Soundation, other than an internet connection, there are no barriers to begin the process of learning and making digital music. It’s free and you only pay if you want more sounds or functionality” – says PowerFX CEO Bil Bryant.

Start making music directly on your Internet browser using Soundation Chrome Studio. This online DAW is available in both free and paid options.

More Details: Soundation Chrome Studio

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