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Sound Forge Pro 14 Released – What’s New?!

Sound Forge Pro 14 Released - What's New.

Magix company has just released Sound Forge Pro 14 edition of its audio editor Sound Forge, the successor of Sound Forge 13 with its newly developed workflow dynamics and better visualization. The new instant action window gives you access to important tools and frequently used tasks for sound editing and audio mastering. It is divided into different work areas such as Actions, Effects, Mastering, Export & Import. So you can orientate yourself with just a few clicks and save time.

A supporting Windows context menu for basic tasks has also been added. These include converting or normalizing audio files, for example. Sound Forge Pro 14 also offers new meters and analyzers, which brings us to the keyword visualization. Another interesting feature is hidden behind the WaveColor function.

It optimizes the overview within projects by displaying sound characteristics and pitches using different colors in the waveform view. For example, unwanted frequencies can be found at a glance. But that’s not all, thanks to modern FFT technology, the spectroscope offers precise and detailed frequency analysis in real-time.

No update without performance tweaks. Sound Forge 14 is now better optimized offering greater stability and speed. ARA2 support is also included. For the mastering and the restoration, the iZotope plug-ins were partly reissued and you get Ozone 9 Elements and RX 7 Elements.

As before, a Sound Forge Pro 14 Suite is also available. It offers 11 additional coreFX plug-ins compared to the standard version and you can get the spectrum editor Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 6 incl. Upgrade to Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 7 as soon as available. There is also a “Celemony Melodyne essential” version. Also included are the Analogue Modeling Suite, Vintage Effects Suite, VariVerb 2 and the Vandal Bass & Guitar Amp.

Price, Availability, Offers

The bottom line is that version 14 is a well-rounded affair and has interesting innovations to offer and will be able to secure its place in many a studio for recording, editing the audio material or mastering the process. Sound Forge Pro 14 costs 399 euros, the update is 199 euros. Sound Forge Pro 14 Suite costs 599 euros, the update is 299 euros.

There is also a subscription model. The standard edition costs e.g. 21.99 euros for monthly payments or 14.99 euros for annual payments. If you prefer to work with the full range of the suite, the subscription is between 26.99 euros and 32.99 euros.

If you’re thinking about upgrading to the new version, you shouldn’t hesitate too long. For the current month of March 2020, Magix is ​​providing a voucher code that enables a 20 percent discount when checking out from the web store. Simply enter “20MGXMUSICAIR” into your purchase.

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