Softube & Empirical Labs: 3 Products In One Bundle

Softube ELI Complete Collection

The Swedish plugin specialist Softube has teamed up with the British plugin developer Empirical Labs to develop three plugins. Mike-E Comp, Lil FrEQ, and Trak Pak for Console 1 are available in one bundle for a special price.

The offer includes the Mike-E compressor and the Lil-FrEQ equalizer. Console 1 users get a complete hardware package for integrating both processors into the Console 1 channel strip. And in terms of sound technology, you are once again offered a lot!

You can now integrate Empirical Labs Mike-E Comp and Lil-FrEQ as a plug-in effect in your DAW. Because Softube is expanding its product range with these two interesting mix and mastering processors. In addition, with Trak Pak for Console 1, they are donating a complete package with the legendary sound from Empirical Labs.

Empirical Labs - Lil FrEQ

Mike-E Comp is no ordinary compressor. Here you get a “punchy” preamp with “crunchy” distortion, a multi-stage softclipper and saturator, and the well-known Distressor Comp in one plug-in. Of course, the unique sound character of this vintage analog recording box is exciting due to the color of the sound.

Empirical Labs Mike-E Comp

Lil-FrEQ is the equalizer counterpart to Mike-E, at least in terms of character and color. Sound shaping is very important here. Because the audio signal goes through eight different sections in which you can edit it. And not just with the usual EQ functions. You also get a de-esser that takes care of interference frequencies.

Empirical Labs Trak Pak for Console 1

If you own Console 1, you can now integrate the compressor and equalizer into the channel strip and thus use the ELI sound perfectly and control it remotely via hardware. High pass, low pass, de-esser / HF limiter in the shape section, parametric EQ of the Lil-FrEQ, distressor compressor, and ELI saturation in the drive area.

Prices and Availability

The complete bundle currently costs 346 euros instead of 449 euros. The plug-ins run on Mac OSX 10.12 or higher and Windows 7 or higher as VST3, AAX, AU, and VST in 64 bit. For authorization, you need a free iLok account (or dongle) and the Softube Central software. The in-house hardware console 1 is sometimes required.

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