SmplTrek: Portable Production Sampler on Kickstarter

SmplTrek Sampler Kick Starter

Our friends from Sonicware (Japan) are proud to announce their new product called “SmplTrek”, which wants to be a “Portable Production Sampler”!  The SmplTrek will be announced and released on Kickstarter. So if you want to get involved in this project you can help finance it starting with 1st April 2022.

A game-changing handy sampler that frees your music production and performance from the restrictions of time, place, and equipment.

One-touch sample recording

Auto-slicing can quickly split samples across the pads. Time-stretching can adjust a sampleʼs tempo to match your song. Pitch-changing functions can keep your samples in key.

Effortless Music Streaming

With a single USB cable connected to your smartphone or PC/Mac, you can stream full-quality audio to audiences all over the internet.

Massive Sample Libraries

Find inspiration for your next song with 500+ high-quality sample sounds, 30 internal DSP effects. Also, you can import your own sounds with a SD card.

Versatile Connectivity

Can accept input from a variety of equipment: Dynamic Microphones, Electric Guitar/Bass, General Line-level audio devices, PC/Mac and smartphones via USB. It can also synchronize playback with many musical instruments using MIDI and audio sync.

SmplTrek Sampler Features

The SmplTrek will be announced and released on Kickstarter on 1st April 2022 and you can participate by funding this project and get your own unit when will be officially released at a special price of under $299.

Check the Kickstarted page for more details about this awesome new sampler named SmplTrek:



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