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Slate Digital Launches MetaTune, the World’s Best Auto Tuner

Slate Digital Metatune VST Plugin

Touted as “the world’s best auto-tuner”, with Metatune, Slate Digital is attempting to carve out a piece of the market with an intuitive pitch correction tool capable of precise, robotic corrections. Once you’ve chosen a key (made easier by innovative Note HeatMap technology that displays the pitch of the original track), there are just three main controls: Speed, Amount, and Sustain.

The Velocity control is notable for offering negative values, essentially allowing you to adjust the pitch of a note before it sounds. Another MetaTune innovation is Groups, which bind multiple plugin instances into one and allow you to manage them from one user interface.

This saves a lot of copy/paste and tiresome clicking work. The graphical “Orb” controls speed and amount settings with one button. You can use this button to activate the integrated doubler, which processes the stereo width of the audio signal. To counteract unwanted “fluttering of notes”, you can adjust the Note Stabilizer from 0-100 percent to the effect. The typical “Cher” effect, but also subtle pitch changes can be set with Speed and Amount.

A graphic “heatmap” also shows you all the recognized incoming notes, so that you can find your way around immediately and in real-time and enter the appropriate notes via the keyboard. With the built-in tone generator, you can also recognize the correct note values with your ears.

Slate Digital MetaTune is available for $199 for a single license directly in our store.

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