Sinevibes Dynamic Collection – 6 MAC AU Plugins Bundle

Sinevibes Dynamic Collection

Sinevibes releases Dynamic Collection, a limited time bundle offer including six of their most popular step-sequenced Audio Units plugins effects for MAC: Array, Cluster, Flow, Inertia, Shift and Switch.


Sinevibes Array AU Mac Plugin
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Array can be used to automatically arrange the sequencer steps in groups of three or four, depending on normal or triplet timing.


  • Completely reconstruct and transform drum and percussion loops.
  • Turn synths, basses, pads or pretty much any static sound into spectrally and rhythmically rich new material.
  • Liven up final productions with intricate breaks and transitions.


Sinevibes Cluster AU Mac Plugin
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Cluster is a great plugin that can be used to re-engineer drum and percussion loops, create colourful motion textures virtually out of anything. Cluster is one plugin that does a myriad of filter effects.


Sinevibes Flow AU Mac Plugin
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Flow is a flanger AU plugin that features a sophisticated envelope sequencer used to modulate the sound in a rhythmical fashion. Also includes two different flanger characters with positive or negative feedback, timing options and advanced synchronisation. All this features allows you to create a myriad of unique effects.


Sinevibes Inertia AU Mac Plugin
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Add rhythmic motion to any instrument. Slice, accent and shuffle drum loops. Bring life into static sounds. Inertia is everything you’ll ever need from an envelope sequencer.


Sinevibes Shift AU Mac Plugin
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Shift will spice up drum and percussion loops and will add a tasty vibes to basses, synths and pads.


Sinevibes Switch AU Mac Plugin
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Switch apply intricate motion onto instruments and vocals. Make any static sound dance. Switch is your number one destination for rhythmic gate effects.

The Dynamic Collection Bundle costs $59 (regular price of all plugins is $174 if you choose to buy them separately). This special bundle is available until  April 30th, 2015.

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