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SINEDUST Free Sound Pack Released by SampleTraxx

SINEDUST Free Sample Pack

SINEDUST by SampleTraxx is a little FREE sound pack dedicated to trailer composers and suited to quickly build trailer cues and sequences. The content span from playable tonal sounds to just sound effects used in modern trailers and includes 100 Wav samples + 15 Kontakt Instruments hosted in Kontakt Photosynthesis engine.

This free sound pack covers the main categories which composers use frequently like tonal elements useful to set a mood / harmonic part, hit / impact / stinger section to put accent, underline and enhance video cut and whoosh, rise and reverse which come from my personal selection.

SINEDUST Free Kontakt Pack

SINEDUST features also a set of one-shot big percussion and loops programmed with the rhythm engine of photosynthesis.

In today’s trailer business is very important to have that extra rich percussive elements which sit properly in a powerful mix without being lost or masked by other sounds. Lots of modern trailers we listen to are driven by big drums and huge percussions which recall immediate attention from a listener point of view. So these type of elements are the key.

The fact that SINEDUST is hosted in the photosynthesis engine allows composers to create infinite variations of patterns literally in minutes.

This means a lot of freedom in making a complete palette of different rhythmic colours and if you add to this the possibility to choose which part of your sample to trigger you end up with infinite variations.

The developer was kind enough to give us more details about SINDESUT, please read on what was the idea behind this free sound pack:

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“SINEDUST “Stingers” are ready to be used as they are. I wanted stinger sounds to be rich in details and huge in dynamic to fit perfectly that “in the face sound” which is key in modern trailer music and every composer must have in his/her sound arsenal.

For the reverse, rise, woosh section my preference is to “perform” those type sound with a keyboard controller_I love to play and record on the fly different performance of those sounds and chop the best part for the arrangement I’m working on.

In SINEDUST I kept this section as simple as possible with the idea to play different elements at once like chords of sound effects.

SampleTraxx’s libraries come out from organic recordings so the sampler is my main tool of work. I also use a little bit of synthesis but this happens rarely.

When is time to use a sound pack my preference is a combination of Wav montage and sampler mode. It’s awesome what you can do with just audio files. You can recombine them on the fly and get infinite remixes or you can play them in your favourite sampler to push and transform them sonically.

I like to have my own selection of sounds ready to be played with a keyboard controller and for this purpose Kontakt is more than useful and helps a lot in gather instant inspiration and playability so I use it from the very beginning in the making of a sound pack to “scratch” raw material or to play designed stuff.

I use to record everything possible because there is a lot to explore in the sonic realm.

My recording setup is composed by a Zoom H4n and H6 portable recorder, a Barcus Berry Planar Wave contact mic which are very useful in searching the right spot which is not always possible with a “traditional” setup using mic stands.

I already received good feedback from producers and composers which downloaded SINEDUST and some of them sent me cues and music ideas shortly after they downloaded the soundpack.

Said that I hope people are going to really enjoy SINEDUST .”

[/box] [box type=”info” align=”” class=”” width=””]SINEDUST require the full version of Konatkt 5.5 ( free player not supported). [/box]
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