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Seventies Rock EZdrummer2 Expansion by Toontrack

Seventies Rock EZdrummer2 Expansion

Toontrack has released a new expansion pack for their EZdrummer2 software called Seventies Rock and was made to capture the scope of reinvention in the 70’s drum scene with the heavy-hitting sounds of bands like Led Zeppelin and The Who, whom not only paved a way for loud beat driven Rock but also revitalized the drummers in the Jazz scene introducing the sonic ideal of big massively saturated drums. On the opposite end, however, there were bands like Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles who took noticeably more polished production techniques.

All these sounds and techniques were very much attributed to advances in recording technology and Toontrack has set out to capture this scope of reinvention of the seventies with their Seventies Rock EZdrummer2 expansion pack.

Recorded at the Columbia Studio A in Nashville one of the worlds most famed recording studios which today is practically restored to a museum of pristine 70’s recording gear Toontrack have recorded three uniquely sounding drum kits for you to enjoy.

What’s includes:

  • Two (2) 1970s-era kits sampled with regular drum heads (Mark Arnold Custom, Camco)
  • One (1) kit sampled with toweled drum heads (Camco)
  • Additional snares and a large assortment of cymbals

Seventies Rock is available at the Toontrack website for 69 euros.

More Details: Seventies Rock EZX

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