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Selling Beats: Exclusive vs Non-Exclusive Beats

Selling Beats Exclusive vs Non-Exclusive Beats

Should you offer your beats as exclusive or as non-exclusive, or both at the same time? That’s a question that many producers ask. There is no such thing as a blanket answer.

What is the best license under which to sell beats online? How to set the right price for your beats? We try to answer these questions in this article.

Differences between exclusive beats and non-exclusive beats:

Exclusive Beats

An exclusive beat can only be sold once. All rights are assigned after the sale to the buyer. This then has unlimited commercial rights of use to the beat. The producer is not allowed to resell the beat.

A non-exclusive beat can be sold several times. The user receives after purchase limited commercial exploitation rights to the acquired instrumental. A beat that is not exclusive can be offered as exclusive at the same time. Once the exclusive license has been sold, the beat disappears from the beat store. If a beat has already been sold several times non-exclusive, then it can still be sold once as exclusive.

If you’re new to producing and/or selling Hip Hop beats and you do not have much experience, you should think twice about which licenses to sell at what price. If you offer your beats too cheap as an exclusive, it is sold quite fast, the beat is gone and it was maybe just $ 20 once earned. Of course, that does not make sense and it’s a pity about the work.

Exclusive beats tend to be more expensive than non-exclusive beats. This is because the producer is selling the full rights to the beat to one client. Non-exclusive beats, on the other hand, are more affordable because the producer is selling the rights to use the beat, but not the ownership.

However, if you do not yet offer such sophisticated beats, it makes no sense to ask for overpriced prizes of several hundred euros. Experience has shown that an exclusive beat for rookie producers with a price of about $50 – $100 is a good starting point. If you are very convinced of your beat and your hard work or already have some experience in beats-producing / selling, you can certainly ask for much more for an exclusive beat.

The instrumental-only needs to be well produced, and potential buyers will hear if quality and experience are behind it or not. If you also offer the individual Wav tracks of every single instrument of the beat along with the Mp3 and the Wav file, the likelihood of selling your exclusive beat is higher.

Non-Exclusive Beats (Lease)

Non-Exclusive Beats are a sinful thing for rappers who have a very limited budget and yet want to use very high-quality beats. A non-exclusive beat can be sold several times. Offering non-exclusive beats makes sense if you make very good beats and already have experience in beat-making and selling beats.

The price range of non-exclusive beats can vary widely, with a price range of $10 – $50 usually being common. Again, it is useful to offer the Wav tracks if you want to offer something higher non-exclusive licenses/prices for your beats.

Finally, the question remains whether you should offer his beat only exclusive, only non-exclusive, or both licenses at the same time. Of course, that too is up to you. However, if you offer very cheap exclusive beats, for example, $30 it makes little sense to offer a non-exclusive license for $15 at the same time.

There are several online platforms where music producers can sell their beats. Here are some of the best online stores where you can sell your beats:

  • Beatstars is one of the most popular and comprehensive online marketplaces for selling beats. It offers features such as instant beat delivery, licensing agreements, and beat distribution.
  • Airbit is another popular website that allows producers to sell their beats directly to artists. It offers features such as customizable beat stores, a built-in player, and automated content delivery.
  • Traktrain is a music production marketplace that focuses on hip-hop and trap beats. It offers a range of features such as personalized branding, detailed statistics, and easy licensing.

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The price you should sell your beats depends on various factors such as the quality of the beat, the demand for the genre, and the experience of the producer.

However, in general, the prices of beats on Beatstars for example vary widely, and it ultimately depends on the producer’s pricing strategy. Some producers charge as low as $10 for non-exclusive leases of their beats, while others may charge several hundred dollars for exclusive rights.

When deciding on a price for your beat, consider factors such as the time and effort you put into creating the beat, your level of experience and skill, the market demand for trap hip-hop beats, and the prices charged by other producers with similar levels of experience and quality.

You can also research the pricing strategies of successful producers in the trap hip-hop genre on Beatstars to get a better idea of what to charge for your beats.

We hope that these points will help you to offer your beats at appropriate prices. We wish you a lot of pleasure and good sales!

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