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10 Tips For Self-Marketing Yourself As A Producer

10 Tips For Self-Marketing Yourself As A Producer

Want to sell more beats? Would you like to become better known as a beat producer? Do you need more attention as a music producer? Do too few people talk about your band? Then this article is exactly right for you because here you will find the 10 hottest tips to become more known and successful as a beat producer.

Learn here how to better focus on yourself and your beats. And of course, that’s also a lot of valuable tips for musicians and bands to pull out.

1. Creating a logo

Just like a band, creating a logo or an avatar should be at the top of the to-do list. This one may have been a bit fancy, but (and that’s a very important but) avatar or logo must remain legible. It does not help if you use the most blatant font that any graffiti sprayer would envy you for if no one can read who you are. You should also use this logo or avatar exclusively on every page, every social media service – just about anywhere. The more visible the logo gets on the internet, the more likely others will remember it.

2. Website as Homebase

You need a one-stop-shop to catch all your potential customers. And nowhere is it easier and more self-determined than on your own website where you are the one who sets the rules. How much does it cost? The creation of a website is now comparatively cheap. With free platforms such as WordPress, or Blogspot, you can build your own website relatively easily even without previous knowledge.

With time you can learn or even hire a webmaster and make your site more professional. Having your own beat-store site, you are more independent from Facebook or other social networks where you can always close your account or have your page deleted.

3. Networking

This is the point that most beat producers, unfortunately, take wrongly. Who should buy your beats if you do not know anyone who needs beats? Just. None. That’s why it’s important to get in touch with the people who might need your beats. If you’re a hip-hop producer, visit the relevant locations in your city more often. Go to offline events such as Open Mic events, talk to the MCs, and for example give you your beats (do not forget to always have a flash USB with your beats in your pocket).

4. Social Media

Social media is networking with a larger radius of action – the entire Internet. Be represented on every social media portal (always with the same logo) and communicate with the other beat producers and MCs there. Become a member of relevant groups (preferably with fans of your genre) and present your beats there.

It’s even better to link the social media profiles directly to your website. When new platforms open up, get in there right away because that often gives you an advantage over the others that come later.

5. Forums

Become active in relevant forums. There are trillions of forums that deal with music, various music styles, making music, and producing beats. You can talk to like-minded people there and get tips from them and share your tips. You can also get criticism of your music there and learn from it. Networking helps you become better known as a beat producer and at the same time get to know a lot of people who might be interested in your beats. Many of the forums allow you to add a signature, add a link to your site there. Use a keyword, this will already greatly help your personal website on SEO (this is another story).

6. Beat Battles

On many forums, social media platforms where beat producers meet, beat battles are organized. Take part in this! This has many advantages. On the one hand, you automatically get to know other producers who like the same musical genre. You receive criticism from a competent side, which is otherwise difficult to get. If you even manage to do good work on such Beat Battles, you may even find people who want to buy your beats or at least want to work with you.

7. Collaborations

If you can somehow tackle it, try collaborating with other beat producers who might be technically better or maybe even a step ahead of you in the music business. Here you can learn from them and maybe such a collaboration sometimes comes from a good contact, which brings you further in your career. If you’re a hip-hop producer, you can also go for collaborations with the local MCs and rappers. Collaborations often mean that you have to do something for free. This is not bad at first, just make sure that does not become permanent.

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8. Beat selling platforms

There are various beat selling platforms where you can sell your beats. It’s best to set up a profile on every platform to offer your music there. Do not forget to always use your own logo to get the best branding effect here as well. Such platforms can not only serve you to make money with your music – but they are usually also regulated within the framework of contracts and terms and conditions, who may use which beat in which form and when. A not to be underestimated factor when working with other artists.

9. Making New Beats

The world is in constant motion and you should be a beat producer who wants to be successful. Constantly producing new beats and releasing them on different platforms. It is not always easy to meet the tastes of the other musicians and it helps to offer a wide selection of beats. In addition, you can keep your audience updated on social media platforms and forums. Your beats must always be top. And if you have the feeling that a beat is not well done, keep it for you and put another online.

10. Pay a Known Artist

This tip is a double-edged sword. Still, he can work. Assuming good beats and top production, it sometimes lacks only a well-known release for a successful start in the music business. Therefore, you can consider whether you want to pay a known artist not to use your beat on his next release and mention you as the producer. The more famous the artist, the more money will cost you.

These were the 10 tips on how to marketize yourself as a beat producer and how to promote your beats both online and offline. If you liked the article, please share it with your friends. If you have something to add, you can do it in the comments section. All the best!

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