SBX-1 Sync Box - Synchronization Hub by Roland

Roland announces the availability of SBX-1 Sync Box, a new universal hub that can be used to sync electronic musical instruments and computers. Roland first unveiled the SBX-1 Sync Box at Musikmesse 2014. SBX-1 Sync Box is equipped with USB-MIDI, standard MIDI, and DIN sync ports. Also features a compact SBX1 that provides a convenient way for music producers to use modern production tools and legacy analog devices together at one time.

When it comes to music, timing is fundamental. The SBX-1 keeps everything tight, syncing your analog and digital devices to your computer or as the master sync source controlling the tempo of all your devices. In addition to the SBX-1’s internal clock, you can set the master to MIDI, DIN SYNC, or USB/MIDI. Physical knobs for TEMPO and FINE tempo along with TAP tempo give deep control of the overall groove and let you freely adjust your timing to sync-up with DJs or other performers in a band.

Roland SBX-1 features:

  • Simultaneous conversion between MIDI, DIN SYNC, and USB/MIDI
  • Control external devices with SBX-1 as the master sync source
  • Shuffle adds swing to patterns generated on devices without swing like TR-808 and TB-303
  • CV/GATE jacks introduce enormous creative possibilities
  • SYNC button corrects timing errors with a single press
  • Output up to three channels of triggers or LFOs with different characteristics
  • DIN SYNC supports both Sync24 and Sync48 compatible with a variety of rhythm machines
  • Works great with the TR-8 through optimized AUX jack
  • Runs on USB bus power or with AC adapter

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