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SampleTank 3 Free Version by IK Multimedia

SampleTank 3 Free Version by IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia has released SampleTank 3 Free Version, “A whole new world of sounds at your fingertips”. This is a freeware version of their sound and groove workstation instrument, SampleTank 3 music software, available for Windows and MAC.

Experience the full creative power and processing flexibility of IK’s ultimate sound and groove workstation with SampleTank 3 Free. It gives you the freedom to experiment with a fully functional and expanding library of high-quality instruments that illustrate SampleTank 3’s broad sonic versatility.

IK will release a new set of instruments, each week, that can be downloaded and added to SampleTank 3 Free’s instrument library for a total of 22 fully functional and high quality free instruments. The first instrument included is a pitch-perfect representation of one of the best German-made concert grand pianos of all time.

Though you can import and use only these instruments, SampleTank 3 Free lets you access a virtually unlimited world of sound options via its 3 sample engines, 55 high-quality effects, 16-channel mixer and other advanced features. Download it today and discover why SampleTank 3 is considered the new industry standard.

Update 2020: This product is not available for free anymore.

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