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Samples of Tenalach – Free Sci-Fi FX Samples by 99Sounds

Free Sci-Fi FX Samples

99Sounds in collaboration with Introspectral intros Samples of Tenalach, is a new collection of Sci-Fi free samples, final volume in a trilogy of free Sci-Fi SFX sample packs. This new sound library features swooshes, noises and otherworldly sonic textures created by by Johan Ekelove aka Introspectral.

“This pack is the third in a trilogy of sorts, that started with “The Weird Side Samples”, followed by “InterSpace” and now ends with “Samples of Tenalach”. Tenalach is a sonic adventure I composed during an intensive week in the fall of 2014 and that I have now collected some of my favorite sounds from. It moves in the realms of the strangely mechanical and abstract, but at the same time there is an organic quality that holds a sort of beauty and sense of contemplation and rest.” – says Johan Ekelove (Introspectral).

Introspectral is also the author of the fantastic InterSpace and The Weird Sound Samples sample packs.

In details, expect to find 91 individual sounds, organized into four categories: Atmospheres, Movements, Tech and Textures.

All Wav samples was recorded and crafted by Johan Ekelöf aka Introspectral at Starsound Studio and the Kontakt script was created by 99Sounds.

Samples of Tenalach is available for free download directly at 99Sounds website in .zip format, 181Mb.

More Details/Free Download: Samples of Tenalach

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