Samba Drums and Percussion Samples
£24,95 / $40 – BUY NOW
Loopmasters and The Magic Drum Orchestra has released Samba Drums & Percussion, a new royalty free collection of percussion samples, grooves and live recorded drums stems and loops.

This pack includes over 300 individual instruments recorded separately for maximum clarity and quality using professiona studio hardware and software tools.

You will find Loops and One Shot sounds for each instrument including traditional samba instruments: surdo (bass drum in three sizes), caixa (snare drum), repiqe (tenor drum similar in sound to a timbale), tamborims (small, very loud drum played with splayed stick), reco-reco (metal-springed scraper), ganza and chocalho (metal shakers), agogo (two-tone bells). These are augmented by traditional African instruments djembe (goatskin hand drum), shekere (gourd shaker), gankoqui (two tone bells), plus woodblocks and guiros (gourd scraper), timpani, bass drum and cymbals.

In Detail expect to find 857Mb of 24Bit 44.1Khz quality Loops and Sounds including 6 Agogo Bell Loops, 6 Blocks Loops, 4 Bongo Loops, 2 Caxixi Loops, 13 Conga Loops, 11 Cowbell Loops, 25 Cymbal Loops, 12 Djembe Loops, 3 Guiro Loops, 9Kick Loops, 1 Moog Loops, 2 Palito Loops, 3 Reco Loops, 16 Repiqe Loops, 3 Rims Loops, 1 Hat Loops, 3 Rocar Loops, 5 Shaker Loops, 1 Shekere Loops, 74 Snare Loops, 77 Surdo Loops, 28 Tamborim Loops, 3 Tarol Loops, 1 Whistle Loops, 6 Chocalho Loops, 170 Percussion Instrument Hits, 346 Rex2 Files and 35 Soft Sampler Patches.

This sample pack is priced at £24,95 / $40 and is available at

More Details/Audio Demos: Samba Drums and Percussion




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