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Audio tech software company iZotope has released RX 4, a new audio repair and enhancement software.

RX4 is the complete Audio Repair and Enhancement Solution for All Audio Workflows.

Press Release: AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, Sept. 11, 2014 – iZotope, Inc., a leading audio technology company, has released the next generation of its industry-standard audio repair software, RX. RX transforms flawed audio into usable material by removing noises, distortions, reverb, and more. With the release of RX 4 and RX 4 Advanced, iZotope adds new functionality that saves more time for creativity— whether you’re improving sample quality for use in a hard-hitting club track, or mastering a delicate classical music recording.

“Audio quality is a significant concern in music production today,” says Rob D’Amico, Senior Product Manager for iZotope. “With RX 4, we’ve developed an intuitive solution that not only improves the quality of recorded audio, but works seamlessly with your DAW to enhance it, making some of the most problematic audio release-ready.”

Aimed to reduce manual tasks in your production workflow, like removing distracting fret squeaks or mouth noises, RX enables users to rescue troubled audio and significantly enhance its quality through the addition of new automatic, intelligent modules, time-saving features, and deeper levels of integration with their host.

Highlights of RX:

  • Turn flawed audio into usable material by removing noises, distortions, reverb, hum, buzz, clicks, clipping, and other common, and often unavoidable, audio problems.
    Edit your audio like you would edit an image using precision drawing tools, such as a brush and magic wand.
  • Reduce unwanted background noise and electrical interference from vocals in real-time, with zero latency, with the Dialogue Denoiser.
  • Ensure smooth, even, and consistent vocal takes with tools that help match and balance multiple recordings like
    Automatic Leveling, EQ and Ambience Match. Seamlessly integrate with your audio production software, both as a standalone application or plug-in with RX’s roundtrip workflow, RX Connect.
  • Identify the base frequency of unwanted hum, and precisely remove it along with its harmonics with Hum Removal.
  • Repair distorted audio caused by analog and digital overload using with the Declip module.
  • Control Time & Pitch with Radius® RT, iZotope’s time-stretching and pitch-shifting algorithm as well as Pitch Contour, a pitch re-mapper with time-variable sampling.

Other highlights in RX 4 include the ability to Resample using iZotope’s SRC™ sample rate conversion algorithm, Dither with iZotope’s MBIT+™ dithering algorithm, a Spectrum Analyzer capable of automatically detecting peaks, Third-party Plug-in Support for Audio Unit and VST plug-ins, Batch Processing of multiple files at once, and much more.

RX 4 runs as a standalone application, or as a suite of plug-ins for your DAW or NLE.

Plug-in formats: AAX (Pro Tools 11), RTAS/AudioSuite (Pro Tools 9-10), VST and VST 3, Audio Unit

RX 4 is available at PluginBoutique.com in two versions: RX 4 (£174.99) and RX 4 Advanced (£588.99)

Update: iZotope RX 5 is now available!

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