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RX 5 Audio Editor Software Released by iZotope

iZotope RX 5 Audio Editor Software

iZotope has released RX 5 Audio Editor, the latest version of their acclaimed audio repair and noise reduction software.

RX 5 software comes in two versions: RX5 Audio Editor and RX5 Advanced Audio Editor. First version is designed to deliver the essential tools for any audio editor to repair and enhance audio. The “Advanced” version is more for professional post production audio engineers who need the best audio processing tools and more deep controls. The Advanced version features the new De-plosive and updated Leveler modules that can be used to instantly eliminate plosives with total transparency and smooth out the volume.

iZotope RX 5 Audio Editor Repair Software

Here’s what’s new in RX 5 Audio Editor:

  • Instant Process Tool: instantly paint away any audio problem directly in the RX 5’s audio editors spectrogram timeline.
  • De-plosive (Advanced only): instantly eliminate any plosive from any dialogue track with total transparency.
  • Leveler: you can use this tool to automatically creates a clip gain envelope to smooth any volume inconsistencies.
  • Module Chain: use this to remove distortion, background noise, clicks, interference, all at once.

Let’s check what exactly you can do with RX5 software:

  • You can use RX5 to save time and clean clipped, damaged and noisy vocals in ral time, isolate and reduce the background noise in real time with the Dialogue De-noise.
  • Eliminate the amp hum, environmental noise and equipment hiss that can ruin your recordings, also you can remove unwanted reverb or fix problems like clipping, audio dropouts and other sudden unwanted sounds.

“iZotope RX 5 Is The Professional’s Choice for Rescuing Audio”

Both iZotope RX 5 Audio Editor and RX 5 Advanced Audio Editor are available for Windows and MAC oS as a standalone application or as a AU, VST, VST 3, AAX, RTAS, and AudioSuite plugin.

You can buy iZotope RX 5 from PluginBoutique.com. This software is not very cheap, Advanced version can be purchased for about $ 1,000 and the simple version or almost 300 dollars. However, RX5 is a very good investment if you are struggling to repair audio files and can become your best studio “colleague”.

More Details: iZotope RX 5 | RX 5 Advanced

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