Roland TR-08 Drum Machine Announced

Roland TR-08 Drum Machine

The Roland TR-08 is a new product in Roland’s Boutique series. This drum machine is a very detailed replica of Roland’s old analog TR-808, the legendary drum machine that has influenced the music of the past decades.

We can tell that the Roland TR-808 was and still is one of the most famous drum machines ever made – and now available in a more affordable and modern format.


  • Based on the TR-808 with the same characteristic sound and operation
  • Hand-on controls including tone, level, tuning and decay
  • Added compressor, gain, tune and pan for various instruments
  • Programmable via classic Step and Tap write modes
  • Sequencer has 16 steps with 16 sub-steps
  • LED display with pace and shuffle controls
  • 10 separate outputs via USB
  • High-quality construction with metal front panel
  • Includes DK-01 mounting dock for multiple-angle viewing
  • Battery powered (4xAA) or USB powered
  • Built-in mini speaker
  • Compatible with other Roland boutique accessories

Roland TR-08 Drum Machine

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The TR-08 is very compact; Only 30 cm wide, 13 cm deep and 5.1 cm high.

The TR-08 proudly is capable of deep rich frequencies and an easy but effective sequencer that guarantees the speedy elaboration of your idea.

The well-known decay, snappy, and tone encoders are comfortable to operate with their relatively small design and again provide high sound quality.

Like the original TR-808, the TR-08 features a 16-step sequencer, with 16 sub-steps. This allows you to program drum-fills up to the small details.

Outside of the TR-808 functions, some additional features are added, for example, that you can use the TR-08 as an external audio interface for your computer, a built-in speaker, and also works on batteries.

The supplied batteries are rechargeable while in the device as soon as the drum machine is powered by the micro USB port on the back of the device.

With all this power and flexibility, TR-08 is available for about 399 EUR (starting with September 2017), a really affordable price for its value.

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