Rob Papen’s RP-Reverse – Reversing Effect VST Plug-in

Rob Papen - RP-Reverse VST Plugin

Rob Papen’s RP-Reverse is an original plugin concept that takes advantage of the idea of ​​the reverse to generate all kinds of processes that can be useful in the production of different types of instruments.

With RP-Reverse Rob Papen expands his range of effect plug-ins and thus also the Explorer-5 Bundle. The name RP-Reverse makes it clear that this is about reverse effects.

Rob Papen - RP Reverse VST Plugin Effect

The RP-Reverse is a VST, AU and AAX plug-in for Mac and 64-bit Windows that retrieves the incoming signal and the reverse. The result of this treatment can be synchronized to the tempo, triggered in different ways and treated with distortion, two analog style filters, a comb filter, an envelope, an LFO.

According to the developer, RP-Reverse is particularly suitable for working with drums / loops, vocals and instrument phrases when unconventional effects are needed.

RP-Reverse is available right now for 39 euros, directly from Rob Papen’s distributors and its official store. It works on Windows and Mac as a VST, AU and AAX plugin.

Link at Plugin Boutique: Rob Papen Plugins



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