Rob Papen Has Relased eXplorer 5 Plugin Bundle

Rob Papen Explorer 5

Rob Papen, the legendary sound designer and synth expert behind Predator, Blue, SubBoomBass and many other award-winning virtual synths, has announced the immediate release of eXplorer 5, the latest version of the complete Rob Papen synth & effects plugin collection.

The latest Rob Papen eXplorer 5 includes up to 20 virtual instruments and effects. This means that compared to the “four” introduced to the offer two years ago in the new version, we now have more programs in the set, and it has expanded by both updated versions of the application as well as completely new plugins. Among the new applications available in the eXplorer 5 package are: the MasterMagic effect, the RAW-Kick instrument specializing in the generation of bass drum colors and the Go2 synthesizer.

The eXplorer 5 package includes BLUE-II, Blade, Predator, Predator 2, SubBoomBass, SubBoomBass 2 and RAW synthesizers, Punch and Punch-BD drum percussion and RG guitar/sequencer. In addition, this new package includes effects such as PredatorFX, RP-Delay, RP-Verb 2, RP-Distort, RP-Amod and RP-EQ. The last element of the package is the plug-in named Prisma.

All the plugins that make up the eXplorer 5 set can work as 32- / 64-bit VST / AAX / AU plug-ins and are designed for PCs (Windows Vista / 7/8/10) and Mac (MacOS X 10.6 or newer).

Combining the Rob Papen virtual synths plus the company’s critically acclaimed effects plug-ins, Rob Papen’s eXplorer 5 provides a complete suite of cutting-edge tools for modern music production including many thousands of rich, complex, track-ready presets created by Rob Papen and guest artists including acclaimed DnB artists Noisia and Junkie XL.

Let’s recap:

  • 12 Virtual Synths including the recently released Go2 and RAW-Kick
  • 7 Effects Plugins + Prisma Plugin
  • Thousands of presets
  • Powerful cutting-edge features
  • Save 65% – Only £400 for software with a combined value of over £1100
  • Extensive upgrade options for existing Rob Papen customers

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