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Rivera FREE VST Plugin Released by NuSpace Audio

Rivera FREE VST Plugin

NuSpace Audio has released a few days ago a new free reverb VST (Windows only) effect called Rivera.

Riviera is a hybrid algorithmic-convolution reverb plugin available as VST in 32 bit and 64 bit as well as VST3 in 32 bit and 64 bit.

It’s capable of generating space information by means of algorithmic calculation in conjunction with impulse response technology.

Three different Vooms (Voom = Volume + Room) can be used to generate a wide variety of reverberations, such as reverberation, space simulations and non-realistic spaces.

Each of these Voom controllers has controllers for the reflections, the room size as well as an offset. By combining the Voom ranges, you can create impressive hall effects.

However, the Rivera plugin requires some time here for the calculation of the results, this is then displayed in the upper waveform – display with “computing”.

A delay was also integrated, a sound adjustment as well as a stereo-bright setting possibility.

Let’s recap its main features:

  • Low-latency, low CPU usage convolution
  • Multi-threading support for computing IRs in the background
  • Fine-grain controls for parameterizing each voom’s number of dimensions, size, offset from the sound-source origin, and material reflection dB loss.
  • Time manipulation controls for delay, stretch, and linearity (RT60 ranges from 1 – 20 seconds!)
  • Fast frequency-dependent time-decay functions
  • Pan / stereo / mix (wet/dry) controls
  • Graphical user interface for displaying IR and spectrogram

Rivera comes as a free download only for Windows, at the moment. A MAC version is in progress, as the developer submit.

Download Link: Rivera

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