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Riffer Smart MIDI Sequencer Released by Audiomodern

Audiomodern Riffer 3.0 Major Update

Audiomodern are proud to announce Riffer, a smart MIDI sequencer that generates random Riffs for your Sounds, Software & Hardware.

Riffer comes in VST/AU format & iOS and it is designed to feed anything that accepts MIDI signal, both Software & Hardware. Riffer generates MIDI notes that are generated according to selected presets. This starts with a keynote and one of over 50 scales. And then it goes to the preserves. Start and end points, as well as the length of a pattern, can be determined. Or how many notes should be generated at all.

You can choose from 50+ scales, pattern complexity, steps, start and end points, set pitch, transpose, motion, measures and many more. Generate fresh ideas, sequences, melodies, riffs, and musical patterns. Turn them into something of your own or let it run endlessly using the infinity mode.

Ableton Live Riffer MIDI Sequencer VST Plugin

Riffer is not only designed for studio work, but also for live situations. You can Export the MIDI Using Drag and Drop, Or when using the app version, you can send MIDI over Wi-Fi, or select CoreMIDI for inter-app communication and to feed any compatible hardware.

Audiomodern Riffer plugin is available for macOS (10.7 and higher) and Windows (7 and higher), but also for the iPad. The plug-in is available as VST and Audio Unit, both in 32 and 64 bit.

More Details: Audio Riffer



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