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Review: Bontastic KONTAKT Instrument by Soundiron

Soundiron is a team of software producers and musicians on a mission to create unique and inspiring instruments for production and composition. A quick look around their website reveals an incredibly extensive catalog of some really interesting instruments, samples, and effects. Based on their products you get the feeling they’re not just programmers throwing out […]

Review: Kinetic Toys Kontakt Library by Native Instruments

Few companies in music software are as renowned as Native Instruments. Their samples of acoustic instruments or their digital synths are state of the art. Sometimes though, we don’t want to rely on presets and ready-made sounds. We want to create our own samples and instruments. So we get ourselves a field recorder and start […]

Review: Symphony Orchestra Library by Spitfire Audio

Spitfire Audio has released “Spitfire Symphony Orchestra”, and as you already guessed, we grab it and review it for ProducerSpot. This symphonic powerhouse Kontakt library is probably not an entry level library, or at least the price tag suggests so, even more reason to have a closer look at it. Spitfire themselves call it: “…a […]

Review: Tape Saturation Plugin by Softube

Softube from Sweden offers a fine array of quality plugins for recording. Their latest endeavor is TAPE, a reel to reel emulation plugin meant to give your recording the sound of having been recorded on an analog tape reel. Such plugins are common and most major producers of recording plugins offer one. There was a […]

Review: Dynameter Metering Plugin by MeterPlugs

This time I am glad to review Dynameter, a specialized meter plugin recently released by MeterPlugs. It can show a scrolling display of the dynamics inside your track, not simply a dB meter but a technical plugin able to find and display dynamics (ranges, differences in volume and dynamics during the several parts of mix […]

Review: Fission Multi-Effect Plugin by Eventide

Eventide released another powerful effect called Fission, working as a Tonal and Transient multi-effect plugin. There are good features to discover, and an amazing processing on audio tracks. I tested Fission on Windows 7 and Windows 10 (both 64 bits VST) without any problem. This amazing plugin is working as an effect in two areas: […]

Review: Digital Synsations Vol 2 by UVI

In this Review we are going to be going to review UVI’s Digital Synsations 2, a collection of 3 digital hardware synths emulations from the nineties the Ensoniq Fizmo, Kawai K5000S and the Roland JD 800/JD 990 which artists such as The Prodigy, Genesis, Kraftwerk, Vangelis, The Pet Shop Boys have used in some of […]

Review: BT PHOBOS Soft Synth by Spitfire Audio

Wow! Spitfire Audio teamed up with BT. That’s something that makes you listen. And on top of that, they are building a synth. Now that really had me wondering, not really what I expected from my favorite orchestral library supplier. And now, after over 2 years of development, Phobos software synthesizer it is finally here, […]

Review: Waverazor Virtual Synth by MOK / Tracktion

MOK just released Waverazor, a 3 oscillators powerful synth with a futuristic interface. MOK debuted Waverazor at Winter NAMM 2017 in partnership with Tracktion Corporation and now I’m glad to review this original synthesizer for desktop (PC Mac) for ProducerSpot readers. Official specifications for Waverazor by MOK / Tracktion: Patent-pending oscillator design dynamically slices and […]

Review: Bitwig Studio 2 Music Production Software

In this review, we will be going over Bitwig Studio 2.0 the first update of their premiere product Bitwig Studio – a  music production software for Windows, Mac, and Linux that brings new features such as modulators, frequency analyzers, crossfades, VST3 and better integration of external hardware. With Bitwig 2 they have made a few changes to […]