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Review: Xpand 2 Software Synthesizer VST Plugin

Review Xpand 2 Software Synthesizer VST Plugin

Xpand!2 software synthesizer plugin covers many sound standards across genres, from Trap, Hip-Hop, RnB to EDM, Pop, and House, you are covered! For a long time available exclusively for the ProTools platform, the XXL sound preserve Xpand! 2 is finally also available as an AudioUnit (AU) and VST plug-in and thus making it available for all major DAWs.

Xpand 2 It’s a four-part, multi-timbral workstation packed with thousands of sounds, diverse sound-generation techniques, effects, arpeggiators, and more. There are so many sounds that have an inspiring effect. If the multitude of presets does not satisfy you (hard to believe), you can create your own sounds by layering up to four basic sounds and creating new custom sounds.

AIR Music Xpand! 2 VST Synth Plugin

For the sound shaping behind the many presets, only six so-called “smart knobs” can be used, which grant access to hand-picked parameters for each factory sound. An approach that is extremely practical in practice, because the streamlined user interface allows you to quickly create musically meaningful variations of a sound without any knowledge of sound design (programming).

The second set of on-screen knobs is available across all four parts of the instrument. This gives access to the standard Attack, Decay, Release, Cutoff, Envelope Depth (ADSR), and Fine Tune parameters. The two flexible multi-effects also work across the four parts, offering around 50 different programs, including standards such as reverb, delay, and pitch shifting.

The second FX block can be loaded with the output of the first block, allowing effect cascades to be implemented internally within the plug-in. In addition, the effect proportion, panning, and volume can be determined for each part, individual tuning and tuning modes can be defined, and you can choose from around 30 arpeggio variants and one of five modulation targets.

Almost every parameter accessible via the user interface can be assigned to a MIDI controller.

Similar to the well known ROM players from Roland, it immediately catches the ear that the many different sounds of the Xpand!2 harmonize perfectly with each other even without EQing – an arrangement created entirely with Xpand!2 therefore already sounds extremely round “out of the box”.


Xpand!2 covers many sound standards across genres. There are many sounds that have an inspiring effect. Xpand!2 is available for Windows and macOS and supports AU, VST, and AAX plug-in interfaces.

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