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Review: Xfer SERUM VST Synthesizer Plugin

Xfer Records SERUM

Xfer Records SERUM, there is a virtual Wavetable synthesizer of the top class on the market. So I have already anticipated my conclusion in the first sentence of this review, but I recommend you read the review to the end. You will find out why I drew this hasty conclusion, you will see that I was not mistaken.

Let’s see…

SERUM is a wavetable synthesizer with two oscillators, over 450 presets and 140 wavetables, the plug-in is factory-equipped and supports the VST, AU and AAX interfaces, available in both 32 and 64-bit.


xfer Serum

When you browse the presets, the bandwidth and high-quality sound quality of the synthesizer becomes clear. There are nine categories to choose from: Bass, Bass, FX, Leads, Misc, Pads, Plucked, Seq and Synth.

Even when playing the first note, the Xfer Records serum is a pleasure. Many other software syntheses do not sound so powerful and bold until they are reworked with additional control amplifiers or effects.

The selection and bandwidth of the Serum presets are also convincing so that you can turn around in a handy turn for your own sound creation.

Here are some important names that helped create the built-in sounds of the Serum: Francis Prece, 7 Skies, Adam Szabo, CFA Sound, Steve Duda, Gigantor, ASL SoundLab, Xenox, Jordy Dazz, Derrek, Art of Fighters, P-Lask, Disko Unkle, Sounds of Revolution, and more.

Wavetable editing

Serum Oscillator A

Because all the sound parameters are directly visible and controllable via the tidy user interface. The main window is called “OSC” and here you have the option to select the number of oscillators, assign a waveform table and add the filters to filters, modulators, LFOs, and envelopes.

The waveforms are shown here as a graphic, on request in 2D or 3D. More than 100 wavetables can be selected, which can be edited by means of an editor.

Serum Wavetable 3D

In this editor, you can also create your own Wavetables, save and import samples. When importing, there are eight methods available to convert the source as best as possible.

The editor is extremely easy to use, so you can create your own creations in no time.

If the Wavetable is selected, it can be multiplied up to 16 times by Unison. A random control provides for varying starting points per note as required.

The sound color of the basic sound changes drastically with each newly assigned wavetable so that each parameter change creates a separate sound. If that is not enough, you can also add a sub-oscillator or noise, which makes the fundamental sound even fatter.

FX section

Serum FX Section

The 10 ten effects offered are quite common with modules such as distortion, flanger, chorus, delay, and reverb, but at a very high sound level.

The order of the effects is flexible and almost all controls can be modulated.



All the sound parameters can be assigned to the MIDI control elements and the LFOs and Envelopes via the “Matrix” tab. This creates very lively sounds that have almost nothing in common with their basic sounds.

Although an arpeggiator is missing, the variety of processing options leave nothing to be desired. So, in the Matrix section, you can make the all the fine tunings of your sound.


Since its release on the market, SERUM has earned its respect very quickly among the producers and become one of the best software synthesizers alongside Massive, Nexus, Sylenth, Avenger, Z3bra, Omnispere etc.

Serum software synthesizer is convincing all along the line. The sounds get through and sound lively and powerful thanks to the processing possibilities. If you listen to the presets, it is quickly clear that serum is at home in every category. Whether basses, leads or pads, the patches are bursting with fullness, force, and breadth.

And if you do not want to tinker yourself, use an extensive and modern sound bank. Here we can clearly give you a purchase recommendation – check below!

Ultimate Xfer Serum Bundle

Xfer Serum Bundle

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