Review: WT-01 RED VSTi Synthesizer by Bitsonic

Review: WT-01 VST Synthesizer by Bitsonic

It is my first review of an awesome synthesizer, the WT-01 RED, a very impressive 4-osc synth plugin in Windows VST format by Bitsonic.

The people involved in this serious project are the main developer at Bitsonic, Ferenc, and Gyovai L. as a tester (check his great group “GyL Synths” on Facebook ).

How It Sound

I was simply blasted by the presets recorded in the factory bank. You can listen to some of these presets on the Bitsonic website and YouTube channel.

The presets are available in these categories in the factory bank by Ferenc :Melody/Arp, Gate, Lead/Key, Pluck, Bass, Pad, Atmo/FX.

There are new presets in various categories in the Kujashi bank by Armin :

VST Synth Presets

I used the ‘riff machine’ tool from the score edit in FL Studio, to generate a loop on several bars, then I tweaked sounds with various VST plugins (compressor and other internal FL Studio fx) and then I used Audacity to check loading WAV exports, all without problems…

It’s very easy to swap between banks by the F menu (file / load all): it’s using .txt files to save the whole bank.

FL Studio can restore projects with the correct bank used and the correct preset set for the project, so it’s nice to have starting projects with your favorite synths with the correct bank ready in your main song folder.

To get incredible effects after WT-01 Red, I recommend you to check this freeware FX VST plugin from Novakill, as the Killergate+ (which is my absolute favorite VST fx for gate and filter synced on the bpm).


WT-01 Synth VST Plugin

The WT-01 synth plugin is designed in a single window as a giant red designed synth, in the mood of old synths like the JD800 by Roland. It has 2 main parts (or let’s say even 3 parts) to edit a big number of parameters on the synth.

I looked inside FL Studio at the list of the controllers and I found the filter parameters quickly, and many more.

This is the kind of effects WT-01 Red has inside the window in the bottom part: for reverb and several effects, right there included in WT-01 Red, I’d say you have a lot of choice for setting various parameters.

My favorite “game” is to make fixed BPM loops, in scales (example Dmin Gmaj…) playing correctly with the several tracks mixed together on the iPad or in my main Windows apps : FL Studio, Renoise, Reason.

Let’s examine the 2 main parts of this red GUI synth : We have the top part for 4-osc synthesis, and the bottom part for effects :

Oscillators, and Dual Panorama, Gate, Filter (LFO) : Great controllers to tweak for 4 oscillators.

WT-01 Oscillators

Arpeggio, Delay, Phaser, Pitch, Vibrato, Bitcrusher, Tremolo, Reverb : There we have a great effects part to process the 4 oscillators.

WT-01 Synth FX

For the 4 Wavetable based oscillators, Wavetables can be edited (even if the already provided waves are enough !?) in the Wavetable editor.

If the installer doesn’t copy the icon on your desktop, you find the “Bitsonic Wavetable Editor 1.0.exe” in your C:/users/name/appdata/roaming/Bitsonic/wt01red/ folder in Windows. This is a separate tool from the standalone .exe and the .dll plugin copied in your VSTplugins folder.

Bitsonic Wavtable Editor

What you need to know about WT-01 RED Synth:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Dynamic sounding with 210 factory presets.
  • 4 main Wavetable based oscillators, each one with 221 different sounds.
  • 1 layered oscillator
  • 1 Sample based player, with 90 different sounds
  • Dual Panorama, Gate, Filter, Arpeggio, Delay, Phaser
  • High-quality Reverb
  • Compressor
  • Keyboard Split mode
  • The user can save Wavetables
  • The user can load Custom Wavetables
  • The user can change the pitch with Vibrato, simple pitch, or envelope pitch
  • Transient increase
  • Custom Tremolo
  • Bit crusher
  • High-quality wavetable synthesis
  • Wavetable editor


If you’re still hesitating, you have to know that WT-01 Red is a monster 4-osc synth, full of parameters and fx available inside, with stunning presets available in several categories.

The marvellous 2 banks I tried, by Ferenc for the factory presets and Armin for the Kujashi bank, have killer presets in many categories : Even by listening to 1 note presets, I found that sometimes it’s playing like a whole electronic set on several bars, thanks to presets layering and sequencing.

The only bad thing is that WT-01 RED synth eat a lot of CPU on complex presets, and even more when you tweak parameters while playing, but it’s working less or more with one preset only on my old dualcore PC. This software synthesizer can take around 30 to 40% of CPU on a quadcore too.

This product is a typical synth blast that everyone working with VST plugins should try. Check the demo installer and the 13 pages PDF documentation on the Bitsonic website to try it live!

More Details: WT-01 RED

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