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Review: Waverazor Virtual Synth by MOK / Tracktion

Waverazor Synthesizer Review

MOK just released Waverazor, a 3 oscillators powerful synth with a futuristic interface. MOK debuted Waverazor at Winter NAMM 2017 in partnership with Tracktion Corporation and now I’m glad to review this original synthesizer for desktop (PC Mac) for ProducerSpot readers.

Official specifications for Waverazor by MOK / Tracktion:

  • Patent-pending oscillator design dynamically slices and recombines waveforms
  • Up to three oscillators and three filters per voice
  • Built-in oscilloscope enables precise waveform creation
  • Two X/Y performance controllers and one X/Y wave segment control
  • Nine performance knobs and 3 performance buttons
  • Compatible with AU/VST on Mac and PC, AAX coming soon
  • Support for 19 languages


MOK Waverazor Synthesizer

The global look of this plugin is thin and well designed, and several Themes for different moods can be chosen from the Setting button near the Save button.

This is looking like a futurist synthesizer for any of the applied themes, and you’ll find Klingon language in settings to get it even more unique!

About the waves you can combine and create on the 3 oscillators, it’s fantastic because these waves can be precisely chosen and edited in a big variety of settings on each ramp: ramp up then ramp down, this 2 times giving 4 clickables zones around the central circle to navigate between parts of the wave.

We have these Waves in categories and subcategories with special settings, then several editing parameters like phase, located on parameters around and at the bottom of the central circle. There are several graphical themes inside settings, and you can even change from English to several different languages.

Using special effects knobs in the upper part of the interface, we can count 9 special knobs, a group of 4 knobs on the left side and another group of 4 knobs on the right side, while having 2 circles driving every 2 parameters (ie Filter parameters).

This is quite unusual interface and probably it’s giving unique qualities inside Waverazor. This kind of synthesizer is not easy to understand on the first launch, you would have to guess what each part is modifying.

“Mutant AM” can do impressive things! An unusual thing about the interface is that we don’t find directly on the interface of Waverazor the classic ADSR (Attack, Delay, Sustain, Release) parameters.

So, we can use other methods for Amplitude controls : input / output / volume / 8 knobs + switches / oscillators editing / chained effect after Waverazor… As in Monique Synthesizer for self-oscillating between state A and B parameters (desktop ready), FL Studio can send values to Waverazor parameters (browser / current project / generators).

My favorite game with Waverazor is again using the Formulas plugin or the Edit tools inside FL Studio, to access nearly any possible parameter in a song project.

arpeggiator sequences

This is a pre-made list of arpeggiator sequences, working as a second presets list, so it’s not in the way of a classic arpeggiator as in Synthmaster One by KV331 Audio.


I really like the Waverazor synthesizer, there is a deep control on 3 oscillators where we can precisely edit waveforms going after unusual tweakings (ie Mutant AM knob).

This is a perfect tool for chiptunes and short waves (electronic, trance, …) while being a powerful 3-OSC synthesizer too, able to output any kind of instruments and even synthesized drums and “never“ heard sounds!

I easily can give 5 stars to Waverazor as one of my favorite tools for modern sound design and Electronic music.

Product Link: Waverzor

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