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Review: Vocalise 2 GRAVITY Pack by Heavyocity

Vocalise 2 GRAVITY Pack

Today we‘ll have a look at the newest Heavyocity‘s Gravity Expansion called Vocalise 2. These are libraries based on Heavyocity‘s amazing „Gravity“ engine & library which you can check out here.

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As the name already says, “Vocalise 2” is the continuation of Vocalise, but it is not “just“ more of the same. Even though it would have been enough for me to buy it, it would not be Heavyocity if they would take things to the next level with their releases.

Vocalise 2 GRAVITY Pack by Heavyocity

While Vocalise focused heavily on evolving atmospheres, sustained vowels and a gentle almost soothing sound, “Vocalise 2” fully explores the loop and effect capabilities of the Gravity engine, by bringing us what Heavyocity called “Pedals”.

These are looped phrases or tonal sequences, sometimes spiced with effect chains, and they sound delicious.

Some patches combine the “Pedals” with “Atmospheres” or other colours from the sound pallet of “Vocalise 2”, to form extremely inspiring performance patches.

These really invite you to just put a few fingers down on your keyboard, and carry you away.

While “Vocalise 2” continues everything featured in Vocalise, like a wide selection of pads, sustained vowels, evolving vowels, two different voices, as well as their great use of the snap-shot system, to easily show any user how flexible the Gravity engine is, and how many characters you can get out of just one patch, it also brings a lot of new things to the table and has a different character.

“Vocalise 2” seems much more dynamic and evocative of action, horror, sci-fi and battle. And while it certainly also has “quiet” in its repertoire, it seems to embody more the “quiet before the storm” than the piece of an ethereal temple.

Vocalise 2 Kontakt Library

Something that I see a really big “plus” for Heavyocity gets clear with the release of “Vocalise 2”. They listen very well to their customers and care a great deal what they say.

A while after Vocalise was released some voices spoke out saying they loved the phrases, but was missing more rhythmic content, or wished some phrases where loop-able, while others said Vocalise as a Vocal library would be great, but only for a very specific mood.

While Vocalise was very well received in general, Heavyocity made a point of taking all the wishes seriously and included them in “Vocalise 2”.

This approach is something I know many composers value a lot, and it’s exactly what I wish for in long term sample library partner.

And while I don’t want to only praise this “Gravity Pack” there is little I can find to complain about. Instead, I’d rather point something out to you.

Vocalise 2″ is not to be seen as a fully fledged vocal library, but rather a kind of “extension pack”.

Heavyocity Gravity Expansion

Even though it works as a stand alone Kontakt library it’s intention and focus is a lot more narrow and specific, which get signified by its low price point, the release frequency and the overall marketing for the Product.

I sincerely hope there will be more versions in the future, focusing on different areas, since within it’s intended spectrum, “Vocalise 2” provides enormous versatility and outstanding sound quality as it is to be expected from Heavyocity by know.

If Vocalise was a treat for you then “Vocalise 2” will definitely not disappoint you. But I would recommend listening to some sound demos on Heavyocity’s website, or to watch the videos they made showing of this library, so you know if the character of “Vocalise 2” fits, or compliments the colours of your productions.


  • Price: $99,- USD
  • 3.4 GB uncompressed (2.6GB compressed)
  • Available as direct download only
  • ~700 Sound Sources
  • 192 Tempo-Synced Melodic Phrases (comprising four different keys)
  • 24 Tempo-Synced Multi-Sampled Syllabic Pedals
  • 48 Tempo-Synced Remixed (chopped and stuttered) Motifs
  • 10 Dynamic and Moving Vowels
  • 10 Three-Channel Complex Pads (channels available in individual presets as well)
  • 48 Unique Vocal Scapes (ambient beds)
  • 200+ Snapshots
  • 300+ Motion Presets (NKA’s)
  • 190+ NKIs
  • Motion page for advanced volume, pitch, and pan pattern creation
  • Playable Trigger FX™ for real-time control
  • Stand-alone, VST, AU, AAX

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