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Review: Vinyl Strip Multi-Effect Plugin by AudioThing

Vinyl Strip Multi-Effect Plugin

If you have tried using samples of crackles and dust sounds to mix with your audio for the old school vinyl sound, you know the difficulty in getting an optimum sample, which sounds real too! Solution Audio Thing Vinyl Strip!

The Vinyl Strip is not just vinyl emulation for sound generating effect; it is surprisingly loaded with 6 different modules for the old school vintage Vinyl sound: Distortion, Compressor, Bit Crusher, Tilt EQ, Vintage Reverb and Vinylizer

With Drag and Drops arrangement for the modules, the user gets unlimited options for toning their sounds as well.

The Vinyl Strip comes with 15 presets for use on instruments, drums, pads and even master channel for the Vintage Quality Tone. With Vinyl strip, you don’t have to worry about the amount and speed of the crackle or dust sound. As you are provided with 6 different modulations settings, you can effortlessly modify any parameter!

For the experiment, you can always change the series of the modules although there is a Randomizer button accessible in Vinyl Strip, which randomly changes all the parameters.

Vinyl Strip VST Plugin

You can also right click inside the Vinyl Strip VST, to open the Randomiser box.

Some specifications about the modules and their functionality are:

Distortion modules give the user a unique freedom to choose the distortion amount for the incoming signal as well as change the color of the distortion with the option of odd to harmonic too.

Compressor module controls the speed response and amount of compression in the incoming signal.

Bit Crusher can be used for reducing the bit depth of the sound as well as the sample rate frequency.

Tilt EQ Cutoff knob controls the center frequency of the two shelf filter while Tilt can be used for tempering the highs or lows.

Vintage Reverb knobs help to design the size and its dampening effect of the reverb.

Vinylizer’s Dust amount controls the volume of crackles and with Dust Rate, a user can also reduce the size of the gap between crackles. Yet another use of Noise Knob is for reducing or increasing the volume of your background noise. Wow acts similar to a vibrato effect by controlling the amount of pitch shifting. Record age emulates the frequency response of a record from Modern to Vintage feel and Stereo Knob reduces the signals from Stereo to Mono.

If you click the more tab, it opens more settings like Dust/Noise Envelop, Dust/Noise louder and Enhanced WOW mode.

An added benefit of Vinyl Strip is that it can also be a go-to tool for anyone who seeks the vintage emulation and owing to its versatility, it can be used on the single instrument as well as on a full mix.

If you want to buy it, Vinyl Strip is available at PluginBoutique.com priced at €54.97 / $61. It’s compatible with both Windows and MAC OS hosted DAWs (VST2, AU, and AAX 32-bit or 64-bit host). Also available with Hip Hop Plugins Bundle

More Details: Vinyl Strip

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