Urban Heat Drum Sample Kit by The Producers Choice
$39.99 – BUY NOW

This time, we turned our attention to a drum sample pack launched last year by The Producers Choice called Urban Heat.

Recently I get a copy of this sample pack and for several hours, I played with it in FL Studio. What do we think about this pack? Well…

Urban Heat contains a collection of very nice one-shots drum sounds quite prepared especially for Hip Hop producers and also suitable for  RnB, Dirty South, Trap, Urban and more.

As written on the original product page, this hip hop drum kit is used by many big producers.

Hitmaker Cardiak says on his Twitter: “…Urban heat drumkits is amazing!!!!!”.

Let’s take a look inside the drum kit. At first glance, there are 9 folders, one for each type of samples as follow: 1 Kicks, 2 Snares, 3, Claps, 4 Hats, 5 Percussion, 6 Cymbals & Toms, 7 FX & Vox, 8 Drum Loops. Also a ninth folder “Maschine Kits” is included.

All these folders are filled with over 500 drum one shot samples that will take your productions to the next level.

  • Kicks – 150 one shots divided in: Various Kicks with 44 samples, Long Kicks with 41 samples, Short Kicks with 33 samples, Booms (Bonus) with 32 samples
  • Snares – 65 samples
  • Hats – 35 Closed Hats and 27 Open Hats
  • Percussion – 52 drums, 36 shakers, 23 metalic percs, 30 zaps and blaps, 24 other percs and 32 stomp box samples.
  • Cymbals – 25 samples and 32 Toms samples
  • 35 FX samples and 39 VOX samples
  • Drum Loops folder includes 37 mixed drum tracks
  • The Machine Kits folder includes 20 Maschine formatted kits

In total, Urban Heat weighs 640 MB and is compatible with all major DAWs: FL Studio, Ableton, Logic Pro, GarageBand and more music software which supports .Wav format.

We know there are many other drum kits on market from other labels, but the quality, complexity and how these sounds are arranged makes the Urban Heat detach themselves from other similar products. Very complex, this sound pack offers almost everything you need to make Hip Hop beats on your computer or Maschine.

Price at $39.99 Urban Heat is definitely A MUST HAVE for any beatmaker.

For more information, audio demos and purchase options see the links below.

Links: Urban Heat | The Produces Choice

Other releases: 808 Warfare, Sean Divine 336 Kit, Organic Drum Kit

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