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Review: Transistor Bass Synthesizer by Image-Line

Transistor Bass Synthesizer Review

With the release of FL Studio 12.3, Image-Line has released the Transistor Bass, a new subtractive synthesizer inspired by the legendary Roland TB303™ hardware synthesizer. From the beginning, I can say, it has a really cool sound… This plugin alone is groovy, and I used it in FL Studio adding FX with Maximus by Image-Line, and some other plugins.

Transistor Bass reminded me of Sawer, another great plugin included within FL Studio DAW.


Transistor Bass for FL Studio 12.3

Besides the sound that I told you already that delights me, another thing I like is that you can change the color of the plugin, selecting from 4 themes available with the right top arrow near the 4 icons showing 4 different sizes of the plugin. This plugin has 4 different sizes, which can be useful sometimes, and 4 themes, from flashy yellow to dark theme, plus a great design on the knobs!

Here it’s showing a right-mouse click on Cutoff to access the Edit events part.

Transistor Bass FL Studio Synth

Transistor Bass is a really responsive subtractive synthesizer plugin, based on the famous oscillators giving Pulse/Saw (Roland TB-303 and competitors). This new plugin comes with a wide range of FX to apply, from guitar distortion, delay, to reverb and other tweaks on the sound just near the filter. Also, it features a small and efficient sequencer at the bottom of the plugin Window for editing patterns.

The very good thing is that a single MIDI note can launch an entire remap of the plugin, with its own sequence and patch for the sound. The parameters are real-time changed on the synth, and this is running smoothly while playing with these presets changing all parameters on the synth, from a single MIDI note!

The sequence choices are very good too, so it’s a very nice factory bank to enjoy there.

Image Line Transistor Bass Presets


This is a pretty good synth, really oriented Pulse/Saw as a source sound, the tweaks on the knobs are really well treated in the synthesis chain, and there is no problem. The audio results in the tracks of the song projects are awesome!

Many little things showing a full product, and an internal bank giving a lot of inspiration!

If you’re using FL Studio for making your music, make sure you have the latest version. It is definitely worth the attention of music producers who use FL Studio and not only.

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