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Review: Trailer Guitars II Kontakt Instrument by Audio Imperia

Trailer Guitars II Kontakt Instrument

Trailer Guitars II is a guitar sample library and virtual instrument for NI Kontakt from Audio Imperia. With the word „Trailer“ in the title, it’s obviously directed toward the game and cinematic producers. Really workable guitars samples are rare though and perhaps music producers of all genres who don’t play guitar might find this library interesting.

The Nki instrument is a sample library of a very well played and clean electric guitar. First off, if you know how to build chords and melodies Trailer Guitars gives you access to an exceptionally fine guitar instrument. As is characteristic of guitar you can also choose between several different picking hand articulations like muted, or dead notes. The clean sound can be processed within the NKI instrument with all the necessary guitar effects (Comp, Dist, Rev and so on). Everything sounds analogue and real with a human touch.

Trailer Guitars II Kontakt Instrument

The Interface is done with future retro type design and contains Filters, Eq, Envelope, Pitch and Tightness parameters. A really nice idea is the Big Knob which is a one knob effect chain type of macro control. I can load it with the effects of my choice and then mix them together or automate them. Also included in this library is a huge assortment of guitar loops, drones, pulses, and mid-layers. Each of these instruments come as a midi instrument or as stems of loops.

You can play the stems mixed together or play them each individually. I can adjust the starting points of the loops and their articulation (Sustain, Staccato, Fifth Chords). The loops are really edgy and epic. If you’re producing game music and cinematic music here is where Trailer Guitars 2 takes off.

Because of the way guitars are played a guitarist just playthings other instruments wouldn’t. Audio Imperia has captured some authentic powerful riffs and chord rhythms in this library. We’ve got some roaring drones, totally scratchy, plucky pulses and ghostly mid layers. The overall tone is wonderfully brash and in your face.

I myself am guitarist and own some great guitars and amps but I think I still might use this library. For example, it’s been recorded on an 8 string guitar so it has a wider range than 6 string guitars. Also, the loops are so nuance full and expertly played. This library is not jazzy and there are no strumming types loops it’s pumping edgy electric guitar.

A button on the top right-hand side opens up the effects page. Here we have 3 windows to choose from. We have a stepper where we can automate the effects. It’s not sequencer but rather an LFO that affects any given one of the Fxs allowing them to pump. We can designate the effect chain of the Big Knob macro and we have a kind effect board where we can choose effects and set them.


If you’re a producer looking for a guitar sample library, if you want epic crunchy guitar parts, or if you want a guitar midi instrument or some intensely dramatic guitars then Trailer Guitar 2 is definitely worth looking into. It’s easy you to use, great sounding and gives you lots of control.

Trailer Guitars 2 requires the full version of Kontakt 5.6.8 or higher (the patches will not run in the free Kontakt Player).

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