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Review: Thenatan TRAX Trap Drum VST Plugin

Review Thenatan TRAX Trap Drum VST Plugin

TRAX is the first drum plugin released by Thenatan. Featuring over 400 drum samples gathered in no less than 50 drum kits, Trax’s intention is to cover Trap, Hip-Hop, Drill, and RnB drum needs.

TRAX is a simply structured drum rompler with eight channels arranged side by side on a drum machine. Included are 2x kick, 2x snare, clap/stick, hi-hat, and 2x FX. Volume faders and panning controls are available for each channel. There are also four so-called “layers” (A-D) with which noise, crackle, hiss, and cassette FX can be mixed in.

TRAX - Best Drum VST Plugin

The plugin comes with an ADSR envelope, reverb, distortion, and four effect layers. In order to process the overall sound, “AMP High” and AMP Low (separate saturation for bass and treble), reverb, and filter (either low or high pass) are included.

To enhance the drum sounds you can always use the DAW effects or third-party effect plugins. The amp envelope is global, with the attack, decay, sustain and release of the entire kit can be adjusted, as well as an LFO that brings slight pitch fluctuations into the kits.

TRAX comes with 50 drum kits, as already told you, that can be selected via a drop-down menu. You have to do without a category browser as well as a meaningful naming of the kits, which are called: Kit 01, Kit 02, Kit 03 … Kit 50. A 5-star rating system is on board, with which you can rate the kits themselves. If you reload a kit, you can at least see if you rated it well – well, if you rated it.

Clearly, this thing is a Trap virtual drum machine! Certain kits could be used for other styles of music such as Dance, but TRAX will in its element with Trap and Hip-Hop. TRAX is an easy-to-use drum rompler that’s best suited for trap producers looking for ready-to-use samples.

The plugin convinces through powerful and dirty drum samples that are production-ready. And it’s great, for its low price. So if you are looking for modern trap drums for little money, you have come to the right place.

TRAX Drum Plugin is available for Windows XP and higher and macOS 10.4 or later. The plugin formats AU (64 bit) and VST (32 and 64 bit) are supported. The plugin is available in our store at a special price as we are an official Thenatan distributor (10% cashback on any order). Enjoy!

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