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Review: Synclavier V Synthesizer by Arturia

Review Synclavier V Synthesizer

“The Holy Grail of Synthesizers”

This is probably the best addition to the Arturia‘s V Collection 5: the Synclavier V virtual synthesizer.

The Synclavier V synthesizer is one of the early digital synths and probably the best sounding one ever, and Arturia has made a wonderful emulation.

Instead of having four partials like the original, the Synclavier V has now 12 partials for creating even more complex sounds.


Synclavier V Synthesizer

There are two main pages, the keyboard page, and the screen page.

The keyboard page lets you tweak some parameters like timbre settings, Amp and harmonic Envelopes offsets, Repeat/Arpeggio, the Poly modes, and portamento.

When you click the arrows on the top right corner, the second tier of controllers shows up for further editing. You select the part you wanna edit and you can tweak the envelopes (Amp and Harmonic) for that partial, the volume, pan, octave tuning and tracking settings, FM, voice chorus, the vibrato LFO as well as the Pan LFO.

When you press the SCR button on the top right corner, it will show the screen, and this is where all the deep programming takes place, you’ll find envelopes, Key dynamics, time slices, mixer and mods for each partial, as well as a global FX page and settings. In the settings page, you can do some cool stuff like Timbre normalization (for not to overload the output, remember, there are 12 partials!) noise floor level – I guess somewhere between -80 and -90 dB should match the original, oversampling and bit depth. As well as Scale tuning.

Not gonna get much in deep on how this works, but, basically, it lets you create sounds using FM and/or Additive synthesis methods, and with 12 partials, you can create really complex sounds.

If you are not in the mood for sound design, most of the presets, is from the original libraries, and if you don’t believe in me, just look for the preset named Phased Gong and beat it -Pun intended-!!

This can go very deep and the possibilities are even greater than with the original, just because you now have 8 more partials to mess around!


If you are a keyboard player, unless you’ve got an extra couple hundred thousands of dollars to spend, you should definitely invest in this. I mean, almost all classic keys are here and they are really well modeled and they sound awesome!

If you are a producer, this is a must in your arsenal, as well if you are in a MJ tribute band, the Synclavier V will make it worth!

Synclavier V is available for both Windows and MAC OS X, in VST, VST3, AU, AAX, and standalone format. Download the Synclavier V directly from Plugin Boutique website (see the link below).

More Details: Synclavier V

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