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Review: StiX Analog Drum Synthesizer Plugin by XILS-Lab

XILS-Lab StiX Plugin Review

XILS-Lab StiX Review

In this review we will be going over a new XoX drum sequencer released by XILS-Lab, it’s called StiX and being built around 10 full featured synthesizers that include VA synthesis, FM synthesis, Sine+ and wave shaping, cross synthesis and sample loading you can say that StiX really packs a punch and that’s without even mentioning all the other fun stuff that’s included like 2 LFO’s at audio rate, mod matrix, filters and the single and multi-lane sequencer.

StiX by Xils Drum Machine Plugin

XILS-Lab StiX comes loaded with over 400 exclusive drum samples , 400 Drum pad presets, 70 Global presets with hundreds of patterns 22 Drum kits of which 15 kits from Wave Alchemy including models of the Roland TR series, E-mu SP-12 and Linndrum.

StiX by Xils Plugin

StiX by Xils Plugin

So StiX has been built around 10 full-fledged synthesizers meaning each of the drum-hits like the bass drum, snare, closed hats, open hats, tom low, tom high, perc 1 & perc 2 and the misc all have their own dedicated synthesizer complete with 2 oscillators and a noise/sample oscillator, multiple envelopes, filters, 2 LFO’s, mod matrix and macros. All this for just one sound makes Stix a great tool not only to build your drum kit up with but also for tons of other fun blips and bloops you can come up with.

The XoX sequencer in StiX has three tabs with lots of options to fill in your sequence letting you do almost anything you like to the sound you’re working on be it a drum kit or what I found fun was experimenting and using StiX for say a bassline and just noodle around with how many beats there are to a bar and fiddle around with the position and velocity’s click in a pattern and maybe find some happy accidents.

Multi: where you click in the pattern for your entire drum pattern

StiX by Xils Plugin

Beat: where you decide how many steps there are in the bar.

StiX by Xils VST Plugin

Single: Where you can set the position, velocity, gate, and mods for a single sound like the bass drum or snare etc.

STIX Drum Machine VST

On the bottom of StiX is where you will find the levels, panning, and effects that you can put on your sound, the levels themselves are nice to work with, not to fidgety as you would think given the length of them and there is a nice color change in the fader line if it is clipping. As for the effects, there may not be many just distortions, delay, reverb, and a phaser but they do what they do well and sound good so what more can you ask for.

STIX Drum Machine VST
The pattern bay is something you always want in a virtual drum machine to keep things fresh in your song and in StiX you can set patterns to go through manually or you can set it up to cycle through the patterns you make. So creating a whole song with breaks and fills is just a few clicks away.


In conclusion, Stix by Xils-Lab is an awesome drum sequencer synthesizer plugin it has great sound quality lots of presets to play with and great functionality to bend it to your will and not be limited to just drum sounds even though it was made for that and excels in that aspect very well.


  • Great sound quality.
  • Lots of presets and patterns.
  • Not limited to just drum sounds.


  • Getting your pattern in just midi notes is not possible or it could be and I’m just doing it wrong.



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